First there was Chatroulette. Then there was Merton, the improv piano player who wrote songs on the spot during Chatroulette (who some thought was Ben Folds, until Mr. Folds dedicated a live show stunt to Merton). What's next? Rapping Memes. Well, maybe not next next, but soon, perhaps we will see freestyle rapping to the latest in internet memes. Our friends at Knife Fight turned us on to Brooklyn artist, and sex ed comic illustrator, Martina Fugazzotto's inaugural post on Rapping Memes. Fugazzotto delivers some flow while some lovable lumps of lethargy (that's alliteration, mofos!) get all narcoleptic at the sloth orphanage. A little sample of Fugazzotto's sorta school girl raptastic voyage: Mashed Potato Face/ no food goes to waste/ Stoned on beans/ check out my stache/ I look like Corey Feldman on hash. Fugazzotto isn't going to be battling anytime soon, but let's give her some credit for, gasp, an original idea! While watching Fugazzotto deliver some sloth sass (alliteration all up in this blog!), more memes come to mind that need real-time raps. What could Kool Keith add to Little Superstar? Amanda Blank riffing on Insane Clown Posse? Rapping Memes is kind of genius, it takes the mashup of Chatroulette and the real time speed of Tweets but with 100% fewer dongs.

After the jump we give you 5 memes that are ready for rappage.

Here's five recent memes that need some freestyle flow. Give us some of your lyrical prowess in the comments, and feel free to let us know what meme rap mashups you'd like to see.

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