Are you handed tasks that you feel need to be done by someone else? You might’ve been “quiet hired.” In case the workforce isn’t passive-aggressive enough, the new term, quiet hiring, is being used even though it’s a practice that employers have been doing for a while now.

What Is Quiet Hiring?

The term “quiet hiring” is the act of assigning or reassigning additional roles to (usually) their high-achieving employees. Some employers also hire additional staff for short-term or freelance projects. It’s predicted that there will be a bunch of companies who will quiet hire employees this 2023 — and it can be both good and bad.

For employers who are quiet hiring, their business can be kept afloat as they won’t need to hire additional laborers to work for their company. To employees who got quiet hired, they’re more likely to receive bonuses and raises; these staff members who got quiet hired also have more chances of getting a promotion. However, quiet hiring isn’t always the best option. Stress and burnout can lead to employees quitting — there’s a thin line between quiet hiring and quiet firing.

There’s Also Quiet Firing!

Not all bosses assign additional roles or tasks because they trust that you can achieve them commendably. Sometimes, employers purposefully make your work life difficult so you’ll be left with no choice but to quit your job — when they do this, they’re most likely quiet firing you. You’ll usually see it in managers and how they approach their employees or team — and many employees experienced being quiet fired before. 

Here’s how to know if your boss is quiet firing you.

  • Your ideas aren’t acknowledged.
  • You haven’t received a raise despite working with them for a while now.
  • You’re usually ignored during meetings.
  • Your boss doesn’t want to interact with you.
  • You’re tasked to do difficult roles and responsibilities.

In Other Words,

Every employee and enterprise should function healthily. Quiet quitting, quiet hiring, and quiet firing are all toxic workplace phenomena and it’s safe to say that these make for an unhealthy work environment.

If you’re managing a workforce, make sure that all your employees are happy in the environment that they’re in. On the other hand, if you’re an employee who’s not content with your work and how your boss runs the company, you can set up a meeting with your employer and talk to them about how you feel would make your work life easier.

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