The Psychedelic World is preparing to converge on Miami to discuss another year of major progress, and a couple of hiccups, at Microdose’s annual Wonderland conference. 

In the last couple of years, Wonderland has become a top-tier psychedelic conference. We’ve covered the last two, and both times we were amazed by the psychedelic innovations and progress. One thing we certainly appreciate is Wonderland’s level of inclusiveness — you’ll have a shaman from deep in the Amazon sitting next to a scientist from London who didn’t have any Miami-appropriate clothes. It’s pretty great. 

Wonderland’s CEO, Connor Haslam, is thrilled for the third installment. 

“At Wonderland, we’re catalyzing the future of medicine by bringing together the world’s foremost leaders in psychedelic science, mental health, and longevity,” Haslam said. “Now in our third year, I’m thrilled to host our largest and most ambitious event yet, showcasing over 250 visionary speakers and 150 sessions designed to educate, provoke new perspectives, and facilitate breakthrough collaborations.”

Haslam described the continuing ethos of Wonderland as his team heads into year three. 

“Wonderland represents the cutting edge of this societal shift toward holistic well-being and therapies. Our stage features leading researchers, philosophers, artists, and policy experts exploring new frontiers in psychedelic medicine and health innovation,” Haslam said. “I invite all who are eager to learn, grow, connect, and drive progress in this fast-evolving landscape to join us for a one-of-a-kind experience.” 

While Haslam and company create the platform, the innovation and the people creating it is the real star of the show. Kristina Spionjak runs event production for Microdose and has a first-hand view of what all the companies are doing leading up to the show. She shared some of her favorites this year with us. 

‘I’m thrilled for Dr. Amy Reichelt’s session on designing safer and more effective psychoactive compounds for mental health,” Spionjak told L.A. Weekly. “As chief innovation officer at PurMinds Neuropharma, Dr. Reichelt is at the forefront of engineering novel psychedelics to treat psychiatric disorders, while minimizing side effects. Her research exemplifies Wonderland’s focus on showcasing pioneers who are advancing psychedelic medicine and transforming mental health care.” 

Spionjak expects some of the best content of the weekend to come out of Reichelt’s work.

“This session will provide fascinating insights into the careful optimization of psychedelic compounds for therapeutic use. Our attendees will gain an inside look at the meticulous science required to develop innovative psychedelic drugs with the potential to help millions suffering from mental illness. I can’t wait for the cross-pollination of ideas between Dr. Reichelt and other brilliant minds at Wonderland.”

Reichelt shared Spionjak’s enthusiasm for the panel she took control of. 

“I’m thrilled to be participating in the Wonderland Conference and leading the panel ‘Designing the Future: Safer and Effective Psychoactive Compounds for Mental Health.’ This is such an important conversation, as we look to develop innovative treatments that can truly help people struggling with mental health issues. “

Reichelt went on to explain the panel will explore the potential of psychoactive compounds and how to ensure these novel therapies are safe, accessible and effective. Reichelt said she is honored to discuss these critical issues alongside her respected colleagues, and, “I hope our discussion will lead to groundbreaking discoveries that improve mental health care.” 

Some of the other topics that will be discussed over the weekend include longevity and whether we’re killing ourselves faster or living longer, and how to invest in this emerging marketplace through things like Biological Age Testing — another topic that will be covered. 

Tickets to the festivities next month in Miami are still available.



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