New York rapper Princess Nokia has come a long way since the 2014 Metallic Butterfly album, highlighted by last year’s excellent Everything is Beautiful opus. An outspoken advocate for the LGBTQ community, Nokia proved that she takes zero shit when, at a concert at Cambridge University, UK, she punched a male attendee in the face after he had been mouthing vile obscenities at her. She also threw soup on someone on a NYC subway due to the use of a racial slur. Clearly, she’s a bad ass.

She’s performing a set at Elsewhere, a super cool Brooklyn space “built to explore emerging culture.” Their own description gets gloriously weirder: “Elsewhere Sound Space follows the sci-fi misadventures of a music deity marooned in space, and their curious cultural dispatches back to Earth.” Let’s see what said deity makes of Princess Nokia.

Tune in at 4 p.m. PT on Thursday, January 28 via Twitch

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