Power Couple SHERIE & D SMOKE Release Their Debut Single This Valentine’s Day

            Power couple D Smoke and SHERIE are bringing us into Valentine’s Day this year simply brimming with love and appreciation for those that we hold near and dear to us. We couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment for this husband and wife to release their debut song together.

Two-time Grammy Nominated artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, D Smoke, and world class performer, violinist, and singer songwriter Sherie first wrote this song about their love during their World Tour with Alicia Keys. “Candlelight was a fun song to make because it was created with the one that I love”, Sherie articulates, “D Started producing the drum patterns and chord progressions while we were on tour, and the melodies and lyrics just started to form, [so] we decided to write a song about us and the sacred moments we share”.

            Having both performed with Alicia Keys on this tour, Sherie has also accompanied H.E.R at the Oscars, her lyrics saw Billboard’s #1 when writing for Ariana Grande’s Positions, D Smoke has collaborated with artists like Snoop Dogg and Ty Dolla $ign, was nominated for the Grammys Best New Artist and Best Rap Album of 2021, and was an undisputed Breakout Star from Netflix’s Rhythm & Flow. It’s about time that these two came together to show the world just how magnificent they can be when joining together as one.

            ‘Candlelight’ by Sherie featuring D Smoke, starts off with a slow moving drumbeat, followed by Sherie’s ever so sultry voice, and later D Smokes effortless flow and rhythmic accentuations to the beat. The intimacy of the song is so pure, taking the listener directly to candlelit dinners, slow dancing in the living room, laughing while sitting on the hood of a car, beach walks at sunset, and smiling at each other from across the room knowing that they’re on your exact same wavelength without even saying a word.

            Just in time for this Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2023, you can now listen to ‘Candlelight’ by Sherie featuring D Smoke, while dancing in the low light and reminiscing fond memories and candlelit moments with the one you love.

Photographer: iironic

Listen link: https://fanlink.to/iytR


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/22QPHxxyb3RvIFvct9EAbu?si=G1aIWK7TSaaeEn_KGx7qtg





D Smoke

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/23rK0hajv5ix2yPM4IIgOo?si=7hKBS4qLScGX40jMUFIDUg





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