For everyone who's been following along on the blog, we've been playing Name That Burger, in which you guess the venue of a hamburger based on a picture and a brief (and getting briefer) description. Given the fact that we're almost up to 10 hamburgers (we'll stop when we hit, what, 15? 20?), we thought we'd start playing the game with pizzas too. And at the end of each run–if you were wondering, there is a cumulative point to this–we'll post a ranked list.

Thus here is our first installment of Name That Pizza. Guess the venue based on this picture and either comment or tweet your response. It's a beautiful pie, although the two schoolgirls who shared this one were a pretty tough audience. Parents, if you want to play Eat Your Dinner, keep reading after the jump.

“So how's the pizza?” we ask after the girls take slices of the pizza Margherita the server has parked in the center of the table.

“It's okay for fast food,” says Sophie, age 8.

“What do you mean fast food? This is not fast food.”

“Look around, we're in a mall.

“Do you have any idea how many amazing restaurants in this town are in malls?” Sophie considers her 4th slice.

“Dad takes us to buy shoes here. How good can it be?” Sighing. A rustle of napkins.

“Mozza's not in a mall.” We ask her older sister's opinion.

“You want to see how many chile flakes I can eat?” Isabel, age 11, pours out an entire handful of chile flakes and eats them. Sophie eats one flake, swoons, then reaches for and eats a 5th slice.

“Can we have tiramisu?”

“Can I have a glass of milk?”

how much of this can you eat?; Credit: A. Scattergood

how much of this can you eat?; Credit: A. Scattergood

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