Slowly but surely Los Angeles is gaining the type of regional comfort food we've heard transplants reminisce about — whether it's Central Texan-style barbecue, slow-cooked roast beef sandwiches sliced to order or New England seafood. This week Freddy Smalls' chef Charlie Parker is bringing a taste from the City of Brotherly Love with a lunchtime cheesesteak pop-up at The Shack in Santa Monica from now to Friday, August 2, 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The menu features a cheesesteak (hormone and antiobiotic free) made of rib-eye, marinated Hungarian peppers and onions; mushrooms can be added at no extra cost. With chips, the sandwiches runs about $12. Adding a beer to the combo will cost an extra $4. There's also an option of Caesar salad for $5 for those who want to balance their beef with leafy greens.

The list of beverage options is similarly condensed with Mexican Coke, water, beer — and if you're feeling particularly ornery, cocktails or shots, all falling somewhere between $3 to $8.

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