Paul Winstanley’s “Republic” at 1301PE

British painter Paul Winstanley shows a new group of paintings based on a recent trip to China. In Winstanley’s world, a vista from a mountaintop has no greater prominence than a hotel-room chair. In these images of hallways and lobbies, our attention is drawn to spaces that one passes through on the way to somewhere else. Winstanley draws upon the collective unconscious, making his images serve as triggers for all of us to bring our own subjectivity to the corporate/institutional architecture. Brilliantly, a row of shiny plastic green chairs quickly becomes not a representation of the artist’s trip to China but a memory of every bus station or hospital waiting room you’ve been in — so much so that you can hear the drone of the news and the buzz of the commercials emitting from the TV.

6150 Wilshire Blvd., L.A. | (323) 938-5822 | | Through December 22

Aida Klein’s “Not Waving but Flailing” at Mary Goldman Gallery

Aida Klein’s photorealistic watercolors show a series of snow angels, which are quite lovely to see in Los Angeles this time of year. The images of imprints in the white powder, with bodies now gone, create a palpable nostalgia as Klein tries to hit on the idea of collective memory in her own way. Some watercolors show people caught in the act, but these function more like photographs, with less to be imagined. Klein’s use of space in all the works is sophisticated, the bleak white snowy ground sometimes punctuated by a strip of forest in a corner, the edge of a house, or a thin strip of blue sky.

932 Chung King Road, Chinatown | (213) 617-8217 | Through December 1

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