L.A.'s bid for the 2024 Olympics is just getting up and running. In this day and age, that means launching a social media campaign complete with a hashtag (#LA2024) and a promotional video.

Today, L.A. 2024 unveiled its video showcasing “a new L.A.,” which is the theme of the bid. The soundtrack comes courtesy of Arcade Fire, which is a Canadian band, but whatever. Lots of drone video of L.A. scenery, plus some lingering shots of a subway — presumably to let the IOC know that L.A. actually has a subway.

Here it is: 

This offers the first chance to compare L.A. side-to-side with Paris, which is widely considered the frontrunner for the Games. Here is Paris' video, which was released a couple weeks ago:

Same soaring choral soundtrack. Note the tight thematic focus on diversity. The L.A. video cites diversity — “a city made of more than 100 nations” — as one element of the “new L.A.” theme.

Jeff Millman, spokesman for L.A. 2024, declined to take a shot at the Paris video, there apparently being an unwritten IOC rule against trash-talking.

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