PaperHelp Review: Does It Beat ChatGPT, and Why?

Screenshot 2023 08 31 at 5.45.58 PM Review: Essay Writing Service That Can Survive ChatGPT, and Here Is Why

In the rapidly evolving educational landscape, where technology continues to reshape traditional practices, the rise of AI-driven language models like ChatGPT has sent ripples of disruption across various industries. Custom writing services, in particular, have faced an existential challenge, as these AI-powered tools demonstrate high proficiency in generating coherent content. However, beneath this technological wave lies a crucial truth: while ChatGPT may churn out readable texts in seconds, it’s ill-suited for crafting rigorous academic papers. On the other hand, AI-content detectors are getting more and more savvy in recognizing generated texts. Plus, teachers invent new types of writing assignments that ChatGPT cannot effectively process, shutting students’ hopes for easier life down.

This is where emerges as an efficient and reliable partner in nailing virtually any writing task. One of the oldest custom writing companies in the market, this service managed to weather the storm caused by ChatGPT and adapt its operations to keep catering to students’ core needs and helping them achieve their academic goals.

Automated Writing Tool vs. Custom Paper Writing Service

For the sake of clarity, it’s crucial to note that comparing generating academic papers with the help of AI-geared tools and developing them from scratch by a human writer is much like comparing apples and oranges. These are just two entirely different concepts. On the one hand, the allure of ChatGPT and similar AI-powered tools that students worldwide try to use for academic writing lies in their ability to generate text on virtually any topic at an impressive speed. On the other hand, academic writing demands precision, depth, and rigor that these automated tools lack by design, as crafting a compelling academic piece involves much more than stringing relevant words together.

AI-Powered Text Generators

●      Speed: AI-powered generators can produce content quickly, which is helpful for generating ideas or drafts.

●      Coherence: These tools can create readable and grammatically correct texts.

●      Basic content: They can generate general information or summaries on a wide range of topics.

●      Costs: AI generators are often free or available at an affordable price.

●      Lack of depth: AI generators lack an in-depth understanding of the subject matter, leading to superficial treatment of complex topics.

●      Originality: They may generate content that closely resembles existing materials, risking plagiarism.

●      Contextual understanding: They often struggle to comprehend nuanced academic concepts and convey personal experiences.

●      Academic accuracy: AI generators still cannot guarantee proper citations and adherence to formatting styles.

Custom Writing Services

●      Subject expertise: These services often have a team of qualified writers with subject-specific knowledge, ensuring accurate and detailed content.

●      In-depth research: Writers conduct thorough research to provide well-supported arguments and accurate data.

●      Originality: Custom writing services prioritize originality and avoid plagiarism through comprehensive research and proper citations.

●      Academic accuracy: They adhere to academic standards, ensuring proper formatting, citation, and overall scholarly rigor.

●      Time: Custom writing services may require more time for research and production.

●      Cost: High-quality custom writing services may come at a cost, especially for complex or urgent assignments.

●      Reliability: Not all writing services maintain the same level of quality, making it essential to choose reputable platforms.

The general takeaway from these inputs is that AI-powered content generators and custom writing services each have their unique strengths and weaknesses. While AI tools offer speed and basic content creation, they lack the depth, context, and academic rigor required for crafting excellent academic papers. As a result, for students seeking to produce top-notch academic papers that reflect a deep understanding of the subject matter and meet stringent writing and formatting requirements, custom writing services remain an efficient option despite the rise of AI. And among those services, one stands out as a truly reliable and effective alternative – the PaperHelp writing company.

Paper Help: Reviews of the Company’s Services & Features has operated in the custom writing market since 2008. Over that time, this paper writing service has produced over 830.000 papers and assignment solutions, helping over 100.000 students worldwide. Remarkably, PaperHelp is not among the largest companies in the industry but has for years remained one of the market’s leaders in terms of reorders and customer loyalty (as witnessed by hundreds of positive reviews on Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Reddit, and other user feedback platforms). Apparently, this is the reason behind the fact that the service wasn’t hit by the rise of ChatGPT and other AI-powered writing tools as hard as other players. As PaperHelp’s Chief Product Officer stated in the recent blog about adapting to the advent of AI, the company doesn’t currently see ChatGPT and its analogs as a competition because they aren’t “yet able to master two crucial skills inherent in good human writers – critical thinking and emotional intelligence.” As a result, the service’s writing experts can beat AI generators in an academic field.

Today, PaperHelp’s comprehensive array of services is a testament to their dedication to academic assistance. From essays to dissertations, research papers to term papers, the platform covers a broad spectrum of subjects and disciplines. Whether a student is pursuing a degree in literature, economics, or engineering, stands ready to deliver well-crafted, insightful papers that reflect a deep understanding of the topic.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, the biggest PaperHelp benefit is the focus on an individual approach that only a middle-sized yet well-established company can ensure. The service understands that each student’s journey is unique and is ready to follow every writing instruction to the T, providing direct communication with the assigned expert and around-the-clock support. Along the way, their wordsmiths meticulously research, synthesize information and construct coherent arguments. This results in papers that resonate with academic depth and originality while adhering to the highest standards of integrity.

Furthermore, their services extend beyond writing, encompassing proofreading, editing, formatting, problem solving, and accomplishing special tasks like presentations, case studies, speeches, or capstone projects.

Last but not least, PaperHelp can deliver completed papers of up to 3-4 pages as fast as just 3 hours. On the one hand, it’s not as fast as ChatGPT can churn out 1000 words. On the other hand, it’s pretty close to the amount of time you’d need to create a coherent prompt for the generator, proofread the output, revise the text, insert citations, and finally bring the piece in line with the formatting requirements. This basically means that PaperHelp solves the two core issues that struggling students typically have – the lack of time and trying to make their lives easier – which AI-powered generators cannot do by design.

All in all, amidst the cacophony of AI-generated content, stands as a viable option for students seeking authentic, high-quality academic papers. With a commitment to individualized excellence, embraces the complexity of academic writing, transcending the confines of automated text generation.

PaperHelp Discount Code & Pricing Policy

While ChatGPT and many similar tools have free versions, custom writing services are predominantly paid. At PaperHelp, the starting price per page of high school-level writing with the longest deadline (21+ days) is just $10; undergraduate-level writing will cost you from $13 per page; bachelor-level – from $19, and professional (Master’s or Ph.D.) – from $21. These rates are slightly below market average, and this is the minimum you should be ready to fork out if you prefer the ease of ordering a custom paper online to crafting it single-handedly or with the help of AI. That said, the price per page will evidently increase for tighter deadlines.

At the same time, PaperHelp offers several saving options for various customer categories. For starters, first-time buyers can get up to an 11% discount with the promo code ‘LESSISMORE’ (works for orders over $30). Also, clients with orders over $500 and $1000 automatically qualify for 5% or 10% off, respectively. Finally, returning customers can benefit from the service’s Loyalty Program. With it, you receive up to 15% of the money spent back in reward credits that you can later use to partially pay for the new orders.

In a nutshell, on-demand custom writing will cost you at least a couple dozen dollars every time you address the company, contrary to a couple dozen dollars for a monthly subscription to ChatGPT Plus or zero if you opt for free tools. In fact, you’re not paying as much for an entirely original essay or research paper as for comfort and time saved. Not ready to pay? Start writing texts yourself, even if you have half a dozen of them to craft by the end of the week, not to mention a couple of problems in Statistics and a presentation, too.

Is Legit and Safe?

Yes, and that’s a fact. The company didn’t just pop up from nowhere six months ago; it has been in the market for 15 years. Not that it hadn’t faced the negative press and PaperHelp scam allegations, but the thing is, virtually every company in the industry has – because of the media campaign initiated by interested parties in the educational sphere. So, is PaperHelp reliable? Yes. Nowadays, PaperHelp stands as one of the industry’s pillars of trust. The platform is legit to operate in the US market and adheres to all respective legal regulations. It can be easily reached via different communication channels, including phone, on-site chat, email, and social media.

Also, the platform’s commitment to academic integrity implies that all papers are double-checked for plagiarism and are supposed to be used for research and reference purposes only. At the same time, the transparency, privacy, and security PaperHelp guarantees ensure that students’ personal and payment information remains safeguarded. On-time delivery and money-back guarantee are in place, too.

Finally, there are dozens and dozens of PaperHelp reviews by the industry’s observers on specialized websites. Some of them are more favorable, others are more critical, but none of them question the company’s legitimacy, and this says it all.

Robust Custom Writing Services Are Still a Thing

The emergence of ChatGPT may have disrupted the realm of custom writing services, but the nuanced demands of academia remain steadfast. Crafting an academic paper is a holistic endeavor that demands subject expertise, critical thinking, meticulous research, and personal experience – qualities that ChatGPT and other AI-powered content-generation tools won’t be able to replicate in the foreseeable future.

In this context, PaperHelp stands as a testament to the enduring significance of personalized, high-quality academic assistance. Their individualized approach, subject expertise, and commitment to an individual approach render the platform a reliable partner for students navigating the complexities of higher education. Can the company provide you with essays for free? No, you’ll need to turn to AI generators for that. Is safe to order unique academic papers from in order to help students deal with their studying challenges? Absolutely, no doubt about that. In a world where technological disruption is inevitable, PaperHelp triumphs as an unwavering ally, ensuring that the art of academic writing remains untainted and unparalleled. If any custom writing service can weather the storm of ChatGPT disruptions, it is undoubtedly PaperHelp.

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