The East Coast vs. West Coast beef is so jerky now, baby. Paper magazine has invaded LA, and its founders Kim Hastreiter and David Herskovitz have planned a week of gatherings and events designed to uncover the “other” Los Angeles, going beyond the over-played myths and facades and bringing together the various tribes and vibes all in one place-  a “cultural storefront” they've created on Melrose. Read all about it in their own words right here.

I luv it. Finally, New Yorkers willing to look a little deeper, and discover the LA that I've known and loved all my life, the city full of creative, clever, fun, fascinating, culturally and artistically diverse people, connecting in interesting ways, doing fabulous things and simply celebrating life. 

I've been on a mission to pop into the makeshift house of haute-ness at least once each and every day or night, and let me tell ya, it's been a blast so far, even if I've been chugging energy drinks every night just to maintain an NYC hustler-style endurance. Still I've missed stuff; Mark the Cobrasnake is leading an aerobics class as I write this (he'll be screening Richard Simmons' “Sweatin' to the (Disco) Oldies” during the class….Talk about snazzercize!

Anyway, it all began with a media gathering at the Hollywood Adidas store Monday night.

Can you spot our colleague the Cobra in the photo to the right?  It was kinda like “Where's Waldo” trying to find him when the store was packed. He blended in so well with the sporty rainbow wear there in fact, that he got left behind and had to hitch a ride with yours truly to the dinner portion of the eve,  held at the cozy new eaterie in the Avalon nightclub, called Honey, and we've got one word for this new nibble nook: Yum!

And by the way, the Adidas store is real cool and if I had a hookup, I'd totally wear their clothes/shoes as often as Cobra does (hint, hint sponsors!), even if I don't (literally and figuratively) have the balls to wear shorts in the winter like him.Thats' Paper's leading lady Kim Hastreiter (right) toasting the start of whirwind week ahead at the dinner on Monday.

Paper's very-lovable Mr. Mickey (who covers a similar beat to moi in my Nightranger column, only with more stud muffin action) and Audrey Kuenstler, the creator  of Fashion Wrestling, below.

*Sidenote: My Ugg-ly little revelation (see my last post) has caused just the kind of debate I expected , even earning a mention on's ClothesHoarse blog. Wonder what they'd say over there about Mr. Mickey's sequined flats from Forever 21 (above)? I think they're uber-glamorous, particularly on MM.

Anyway, our pal Giddle Partridge kicked major booty during fashion wrestling in a '20's-era dress and corset on Tuesday and Wednesday it was none other than former MTV VJ Jessie Camp tumbling about with some chick in a sexy dress- which of course ended up over her head by the end of the bout.

Four drinks, two ice cream cones, a few games of air hockey, and countless air kisses later, Day 3 of the Paper Project is over. Four more to go!!! I'll be back with more reports from Paper's LA HQ soon, but in the meantime, see the mag's own blogs for daily La-La land news from Kim, David (who'll hopefully get his cell phone working before he leaves Cali!) and Mr. Mickey.

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