Hawthorne Mayor Larry Guidi has been on suspension from his job at the Hawthorne School District for the last month. And now, the Daily Breeze has found out why.

“The nature of the investigation is a theft of a food mixer, an industrial Mixmaster,” [Deputy District Attorney David] Demerjian said. “Charges would be grand theft and commercial burglary, since it was stolen from a warehouse.”

The Breeze says this was captured on video. Guidi sympathizer Ginny Lambert says she believes the mayor is not to blame, as the mixer was going to be thrown out or auctioned off anyway.

Guidi's not talking, but why would he risk his political career for an industrial-grade mixer?

Obviously, you'd have to see the mixer to understand. Do you know how hard it is to make your own pasta dough without one of these things?

Also, it would help to know something about Larry Guidi.

In 17 years as mayor, Guidi has used the local police department as a personal taxi service; obtained vehicles from the city's towing company at what appeared to be below-market prices; used city funds to install speed humps on his own street; hired a police captain to be city manager and a sergeant to be chief; had a close ally charged in a conflict of interest probe; and been investigated by a grand jury. But never charged!

After all that, it would be a shame to be brought down by a kitchen appliance. So Guidi, if you haven't fenced it yet, bring back the mixer.

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