A number of Warner Bros. cartoons from the middle of the century made use of portable black-hole decals that could be applied to convenient surfaces in order to create proper functional holes through which one might pass in pursuit of rabbits, tasmanian devils and roadrunners, thus lowering the animals' stress levels considerably.

The International Trepanation Advocacy Group (https://www.trepan.com) would like some respect for the stress-reduction technique of boring a hole in the front of one's head.

Your bowling worries are over: Thom's Thum – the Revolutionary Bowling Aid! (https://www.thomsthum.com/) will increase your score and your self-respect. “It's like having 8 custom-fitted bowling balls at your disposal, to accomodate [sic] changing conditions!”

Some Guy With a Mustache (and Baseball Cap) Installing (or Removing) a Window (or Painting of a Window) (https://www.dnc.net/users/dmw/win2a.jpg) to give his kitchen that “You kids stop playing and come in for dinner” look. Ah, suburban summertime . . .

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