This weekend, if you're not listening to indie rock with sloths at the zoo or competing in the Tetris World Championships, why not pack up your finest gutter punk gear and make a last minute trip to Richmond, Virginia? Why Virginia? GWAR, of course!

To commemorate their 25th year of attempted world domination/ penguin hatred, the heavy metal comic-book-characters-come-to-life will commemorate this momentous occasion Sunday with, you guessed it, a GWAR-B-Q. At their headquarters in Richmond, lovingly named the “Slave Pit,” front-mutant–and frequent FOX News commentator– Oderus Urungus and the gang will host an esteemed line up of bands including the Cannibal Corpse cover band, Cannibis Corpse and RAWG, aka GWAR without costumes. You know, your favorites. If that wasn't enough to get you to book a ticket right now, the GWAR-B-Q has added a new singing contest hosted “celebrity judges”: American A-Hole.

Pack your bags.

After the jump, watch GWAR's trailer for the GWAR-B-Q, and witness Oderus Urungus on FOX News' late, late show, Red eye.

Fair and Balanced:

Full disclosure. I spent a summer working for GWAR many moons ago. Fuller Disclosure: It was awesome.

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