On Twitter last week, Liam Gallagher hinted at a possible Oasis reunion. Though it's not the first time there has been Oasis reunion chatter, it was particularly strange, considering that Liam has said he'd rather eat his own shit than be in a band with his brother Noel again. 

But Liam's string of Tweets this time nearly broke the internet in the U.K. (In the U.S. we think of Oasis as one of many decent British bands, but over there they're like, I don't know, Kylie Jenner famous.)

But you know what? An Oasis reunion is never going to happen. Here's why. 
For starters, Noel himself is said to have debunked the rumors. As U.K. radio personality Andy Goldstein recently tweeted:

Liam seems desperate for a change from Beady Eye, his current project. With that group, he's become something of a walking mockumentary of a British rock legend – which you can see for yourself in last year's film Start Anew?, which was unintentionally both comical and tragic in its portrayal of a Beady Eye press tour. 

Liam's bank account is also, allegedly, running on empty following a costly divorce. But what is undoubtedly true is that while brother Noel has moved on, Liam has not. He's the British Axl Rose, still playing all of the old hits to very little adoration. Though everyone across the pond still talks about him, you get the feeling that only NME writers really respect him. 

When he says “fooking shite” during an interview, attempting to conjure the Sex Pistols comparisons of early Oasis, it's no longer laced with edge – it just seems to be begging for another reaction. 

Oasis in 1994; Credit: Photo by Steve Double

Oasis in 1994; Credit: Photo by Steve Double

Our point? Liam needs an Oasis reunion, much more than Noel does. Noel is doing fine as a solo artist because he actually knows how to write songs and doesn't seem desperate for the spotlight.

No, rather than speaking to something that really might happen, Liam's tweets are just a guy asking for his old job back. But Noel isn't hiring.

And to be honest, it's probably for the best. Do we really need more aging rockers playing their hits from the '90s? Songs that, mind you, were mostly lifted from The Beatles, T.Rex, Stevie Wonder and a Coca-Cola jingle? 

Oasis is done. It's time for Liam to kill his past. And it's time for our English brethren to begin tuning out. You'll only encourage him. 

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