There are no shortages of coffee shops in this town, but finding one with ample seating, quality brews, free WiFi and parking is certainly a rarity. But that's exactly what BrewWell on 8th in Koreatown offers. The glass-walled latte house is actually attached to the Assi Supermarket just east of Western, but it would be a mistake to confuse it for one of those Coffee Beans that embed themselves inside your local Ralph's. BrewWell is a separate entity altogether; it just happens to share a roof.

Although it's been open for about a month, BrewWell has managed to stay well under the radar of most WiFi-hungry nomadic day writers. The rustic modern feel means big wooden chairs with comfy beige backing and reclaimed tables that could have fallen straight out of a Restoration Hardware catalogue.

The rest of the long, off-white room is mostly open, with plenty of natural light creeping in through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The view isn't much to look at — frankly, it's just a lot of elderly folks loading groceries into their cars — but the interior aesthetics are pleasing enough to keep you happy without stealing focus from your laptop.

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On the caffeine side of things, BrewWell pours and bags Handsome Roasters, although they're constantly trying out new beans to see what works best for them. There's the usual gang of espressos and cappuccinos, but the fuller, richer lattes are really the main focus of the pale menu board. Some of it is straightforward, but other drinks come with honey foams, jasmine infusions and untold other tweaks. The winner of the creative bunch probably belongs to the toasted lavender cappuccino, which softens and sweetens the otherwise bitter espresso. It's untraditional and informal coffee, but then again so is being attached to a supermarket.

For now, BrewWell is a writer's dream scenario, with plenty of plugs, quality coffee and a WiFi connection that doesn't spaz out every 30 minutes. Of course, that means it'll soon be overrun by legions of television punch-up writers, but if you hurry, you might be able to grab a free parking spot and sidle up to an outlet at one of the city's hidden coffee shop gems.

Credit: Noam Bleiweiss

Credit: Noam Bleiweiss

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