Detroit-born DJ and producer MK (real name Marc Kinchen) went from making underground house in the ’90s, to producing hip-hop, R&B and pop. He then went full circle, back to his house roots, and now his sound incorporates all of that. He’s been based right here in Los Angeles since 2001 though, under normal circumstances, he’s regularly on the road. Much like the rest of us, COVID-19 has kept him at home.

“I am actually enjoying my time at home,” he says. “Usually I’m here for a few days and then back out again, so I have been getting a lot of music done — I’ve been working on my own singles and a lot of remixes. I’ve turned down many remixes in the past because of my touring schedule but I can finally say yes to more that I’ve wanted to do, which is great.”

That said, events over the past couple of weeks following the murder of George Floyd have understandably had a huge effect on MK, mostly because these things just keep happening. Nothing has changed.

“I really wanted to go to the protests, but with COVID I’m not just risking myself if I go out there,” he says. “I have my family to think about and I can’t put them on the front line like that. However, I do believe it’s important every person steps up right now, so I’ve spent the last week donating, signing petitions and open letters like the major music industry one this week to repeal statute 50-A in New York state, talking to fans, and getting involved with organizations that can help make a difference long term. This isn’t an overnight fight and we have to come together to do the long term work.”

As well as the remix work, MK has kept himself busy with a number of livestreams while at home, including for KISS FM UK, Defected Records, Factory 93, Movement Festival in Detroit, and Mixmag.

“To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about them yet,” he says. “It’s a little strange DJing in a room alone, so much of the fun of live shows is feeling the energy of the crowd. But hey, if the fans enjoy it and it gives them an escape from the lockdown, I’m more than happy to do them.”

MK has a new single, “2AM” due out in late June/early July, while his AREA10 label will continue to release new tracks and remixes.

“My remixes of Alessia Cara’s ‘I Choose You’ and HOSH & 1979’s ‘Midnight’ are out this Friday,” he says. “My AREA10 label will be releasing new tracks from Nightlapse and KC Lights, as well as Anabel Englund. Anabel’s single ‘See The Sky’ was just remixed by Madonna’s go-to remixer Tracy Young, which comes out this Friday in time for PRIDE.”

LA Weekly