‘Nonchalant Sosaa’ Is On the rise to a successful Hip-Hop career!

IMG 0952Nonchalant

“Nonchalant Sosaa” is a name that will go down in history. Trey Francis, 26, invited me to join him inside his state-of-the-art recording studio at his home, right outside Baton Rouge. Today, I witnessed this hardworking rap artist write and record an entire song from beginning to end without any pen or paper. “I know exactly how I will work when I get in the studio. Before I walk into the booth, I know what I want to do,” Sosaa stated.

He recorded his rendition of a few well-known artists’ songs and transformed them into potential radio hits. I am here to confirm that he is incredible and manages his craft with dignity and preciseness, which many artists of today’s caliber lack. With a drive and work ethic out of this world, a future recording contract is well within reach. “If I sign with a label, I’d be happy, but I realize that ultimately some record contracts aren’t designed for the artists to win,” Sosaa implied.

While he played each song, I candidly praised him for not using auto-tune or sampling any of his original music, a technique also prevalent in modern-day music. We understand that some songs succeed because sampling appeals more to an audience that recognizes the original work. “I believe in being original. I want to sound like myself,” says Sosaa. “When someone hears a Nonchalant Sosaa song, I want them to know who it is immediately without having to second guess!”

The emotion and powerful messages produced by this artist are other aspects of his music that I praised. Most of today’s rap also represents a darker undertone, especially considering the lives lost due to gun violence. As of late, Hip-Hop culture has yet to be demonstrated in a positive light. Nonchalant Sosaa’s mission is to push the envelope by exemplifying positive messages that inspire other rappers to be civil and acknowledge the younger audiences looking up to him.

During the first quarter of 2023, Nonchalant Sosaa is scheduled to release new music during the first quarter and has expressed pursuits in the film and television industry as an actor. “I thought to myself that my next step is to expand my horizons as an actor. I want to make people feel the same as they do when listening to my music. I want them to identify with the character and message. I want them to understand that this person you see on screen is human, and we all experience similar trials and tribulations.” 

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