Los Angeles! Home of countless lovably-scruffy dive bars, and small but influential clubs. Aren't the best shows the ones where you're hammered, and know the drummer? L.A. is the place to see live music, and we, personally, are obsessed!

And while we've got plenty of nationally known, arena-rocking bands based here, let's forget about that for a second. Because Los Angeles also has tons of under-the-radar bands putting on righteous live shows in smaller venues. 

We want to know who they are. So please, help us by nominating L.A.'s best live band. It can be anyone who's L.A.-based and kicks ass live. (Details below.)
]To nominate a band: Write the group's name in the comments below or email nominations [at] laweeky [dot] com with the subject line “Best Live Band.” Voting ends on January 29, 2014. 

After the nominations period is over, we'll compile a list of finalists, and you'll vote on the winner, to be announced in February. 

NOTE: This is just the nomination process. A group only needs to be nominated once. 

Sound good? Get voting.

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