Next Big Thing: Top 7 Entrepreneurs In 2023

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Welcome, readers of LA Weekly, to a special feature that takes you into the lives of the visionaries who are pushing boundaries, redefining norms, and shaping the entrepreneurial landscape of 2023. Today, we present to you not just a list of names, but a collection of unique journeys, each echoing resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

These trailblazers aren’t just making their mark; they’re impacting industries, inspiring a generation, and creating a ripple effect of transformative change. Each story you will read is a testament to audacious dreams, tireless efforts, and the indomitable spirit that breeds true innovation.

In this feature, we celebrate the movers and shakers, the change-makers who are breaking new ground and lighting the way forward for future entrepreneurs. They represent diverse industries, hold various backgrounds, and bring unique insights, yet they all share one common trait – an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and making a significant impact.

From the tenacious Mz Skittlez, carving a unique space for female entrepreneurs in Atlanta, to the multifaceted Jerome Turner, juggling public service and multiple thriving businesses – we bring you the Top 7 Entrepreneurs of 2023.

Mz Skittlez

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Meet Mz Skittlez, a dynamic powerhouse of entrepreneurial spirit. Skittlez built and lost a multimillion-dollar business, but that didn’t stop her. She bounced back, and now runs The Icing Agency and The Bakery CoWork, Atlanta’s largest female-focused co-working space. Offering more than a workspace, Skittlez provides tools for female entrepreneurs to succeed, sharing lessons from her personal business struggles to inspire and guide others.

The Bakery CoWork is a revolution in female-focused business environments, providing everything from private offices to a photography studio. It’s a sanctuary for women seeking success, nurtured by Skittlez’s firsthand experiences. As a result, the Bakery Cowork is not just a location but a supportive community, where every woman can feel seen and valued in their business journey.

What sets The Bakery CoWork apart from conventional co-working spaces is its emphasis on community and women’s empowerment. By integrating top-notch facilities with outstanding customer service, Skittlez has crafted a space where women can work, create, and socialize without feeling overwhelmed or isolated.

Connect with Skittlez on Instagram @mzskittlez or visit to follow her journey. With recent accomplishments including a second Bakery CoWork location in Houston and recognition from the city of Atlanta, Skittlez has grand visions for the future. She aspires to establish at least 10 independent Bakery CoWork locations, fostering the growth of thousands more women on their entrepreneurial journeys. Stay tuned as Mz Skittlez transforms her bold vision into a reality.

Rebecca Whitman

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Rebecca Whitman, a transformative life coach and best-selling author, has made it her mission to empower burned-out women to achieve balance, beauty, and abundance in their lives. Through her 7 Pillars of Abundance, Rebecca helps women leave toxic relationships, magnetize their soul mates, and transition from unfulfilling jobs to profitable purposes. As a mentor and creator of the 6 Figure Side Hustle program, she focuses on teaching clients to come from contribution rather than desperation, emphasizing the importance of multiple income streams.

Rebecca’s journey began as her marriage unraveled and her father’s final days approached. In one of their last conversations, her father expressed pride in her zest for life and asked her to inspire others. This led her to write “How to Make a Six-Figure Income Working Part-Time,” which introduced her 7 Pillars of Abundance and laid the groundwork for her impactful coaching programs.

What sets Rebecca apart from other coaches is her belief in a stress-free approach to entrepreneurship. She encourages women to start their side hustles and transition smoothly from their jobs when they’re financially comfortable. As a testament to her success, Rebecca has been voted the #1 Life Coach and Empowered Woman of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals, and she has given keynote speeches at Columbia University and UCLA.

Rebecca’s top-ranked global podcast, the Balanced, Beautiful, & Abundant Show, has earned a Positive Change Award from Speak Up Talk Radio. She has been featured in numerous publications, appeared on national television, and shared stages with renowned speakers such as Les Brown, Grant Cardone, and Jack Canfield.

In the next 2-5 years, Rebecca envisions herself delivering inspiring, life-changing keynote speeches, leading international retreats, and expanding her podcast’s reach to over 1 million downloads. She plans to publish another book on attracting a soulmate in midlife and partner with more brands that align with her mission. To learn more about Rebecca Whitman, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram at @rebeccaEwhitman.

Mojdeh Bahamin

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Mojdeh Bahamin is the Founder and CEO of one of the Top Luxury Concierge Services Companies in the World – Privée LA. Mojdeh has been working in Luxury Lifestyle and Event Planning for over a decade, and after building an extensive network of contacts, Mojdeh decided to go into business for herself, founding Privée LA. She offers unparalleled service to her clientele and access to the most exclusive places anywhere in the world. Privée has deals with over 500 of the best hotels and resorts around the world and can secure the most difficult to get reservations when it comes to travel, events, entertainment and one-of-a-kind immersive experiences. Mojdeh is caring, hands-on, and dedicated to providing unparalleled services for her clients in Los Angeles and worldwide. If they can dream it, she can make it happen. Go to or Instagram @_priveela for more info 

Sean Cohen

image7 061623435Sean has taken Los Angeles by storm with his concierge luxury transportation company, Beverly Hills Lux Rides.With vast experience in the high-tech world, with a focus on marketing and sales, has enabled Sean to actualize his entrepreneurial dream of operating a luxury concierge transportation service citywide and beyond.

Social media and sophisticated software are being utilized to create a seamless and personalized customer experience. A team of partners in other major cities is being solidified so that Beverly Hills Lux Rides can serve travelers’ transportation needs as they travel to other destinations for business or pleasure.

Sean’s partnerships with major private jet, helicopter and exotic car companies is helping him perfect his vision of a high end, tech friendly, full service transportation company. In addition, Beverly Hills Lux Rides offers concierge services, providing VIP accommodations for exclusive events and catering to premium venues such as formula 1 races, exclusive hotel accommodations and other major engagements.

Sean’s effusive enthusiasm, affable nature, and meticulous attention to customer comfort and satisfaction are winning Beverly Hills Lux Rides an exponentially growing customer base. To learn more about Beverly Hills Lux Rides, visit and follow their Instagram @beverlyhillsluxrides.

Mehar Labana

image2 061623435Mehar Labana, a Business Coach for Coaches, is dedicated to transforming online businesses using her tried-and-tested organic strategies. A certified lawyer and the first female entrepreneur in her lineage, Labana’s journey is one of resilience and exploration. After numerous professional pivots, she found her passion in coaching, now helping clients scale their businesses to $20,000 per month within just 13 weeks, all without spending on ads or pricey software.

Labana’s approach involves honing in on profitable niches, effective content strategies, organic lead generation, and seamless selling. She began her brand as a social experiment during the pause in life afforded by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its founding in March 2019, Labana’s brand has grown exponentially, serving over 50 clients globally.

What sets Labana apart is her empathetic approach to coaching, prioritising client needs and her reputation as a service provider over monetary gain. She operates on results rather than figures, staying up until 5 am if that’s what it takes to prepare her clients to face the world. Her focus is on the vision she helps her clients create, no matter how outlandish it may seem initially. Labana’s personal journey, marred by self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and struggles with mental health, fuels her drive to empower her clients.

Despite the challenges, she strongly believes in the capacity of every individual to pull themselves from the darkest spaces, and she continues to inspire others with her story. Her recent accomplishments include growing over 50 coaching businesses from scratch, 40% of which have crossed significant milestones under her guidance.

To learn more about Mehar Labana and her unique, empathetic approach to business coaching, visit her website( or follow her journey on Instagram. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience, the magic of organic growth, and the transformative impact of empathy in business.

Anabel Vizcarra

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Anabel Vizcarra stands at the forefront of the transformative space as an Embodiment Mentor, Womb Shaman, and former teacher at a mystery school. Her mission goes beyond the traditional definition of success as she passionately guides courageous women towards a full spectrum of power and feminine embodiment.

In 2009, Anabel was hit by a storm of crises: a divorce, business bankruptcy, and a sea of debt. Instead of succumbing to despair, she sought answers to deeper questions about life’s value, ultimately guiding her towards a path of self-discovery. Her journey led her to delve into the depths of Ayurvedic Medicine, Womb Shamanism, Gene Keys, Somatic Psychotherapy, and modern Epigenetic & Quantum Studies. This intense exploration became the cornerstone of her future work, instilling in her a deep understanding of personal growth and transformation.

Between 2012 to 2018, Anabel navigated her way through the profound complexities of an ancient Feminine Mystery School as a senior mentor. There, she unearthed the true potential of a woman’s healing power, an ‘earned light,’ which she realized, has the ability to uplift the world in a unique way, reflecting each woman’s distinct ‘soulprint.’

Today, Anabel continues to deepen her work as an Embodiment Mentor, deftly weaving personal inner work with the celebration of being a Full Spectrum Woman. Her body of work is a harmonious blend of her extensive training, experience, authenticity, spirit-led guidance, and her own cultivated wisdom.

More than anything else, Anabel is dedicated to helping women develop their gnosis, guiding them towards a level of self-realization so profound that it rearranges their external world to mirror their inner growth.

Intrigued by Anabel Vizcarra’s transformative journey? She extends an invitation for you to explore the power of your Full Spectrum Womanhood. Be it through her comprehensive online programs, intimate one-on-one coaching, or immersive events, Anabel is prepared to guide you through the non-linear path of your healing journey. Embrace the opportunity to begin restoring your Queendom. Take the first step towards a new dawn with Anabel today. Visit her website now, and let Anabel guide you towards a world of empowerment, growth, and transformation.

Jerome Turner

image3 061623435 Jerome Turner is not one to be confined by the boundaries of a single role or industry. His diversified career, encompassing public service and entrepreneurship, paints the picture of a modern renaissance man, excelling in each field he navigates. Jerome currently spearheads the public safety agency of one of Georgia’s largest cities while managing three thriving companies, collectively employing over 57 individuals. Backed by two Master’s degrees and an impressive $4.37 million investment portfolio, he strikes a harmonious balance between maintaining public safety, nurturing his businesses, and contributing to the economic landscape.

His ventures span across the hospitality, security, and food and beverage industries. CRU Lounge, a unique offering in his business roster, is the only franchise nightlife brand that operates nationwide, carving a niche for itself in the industry. Metropolitan Security Associates, now rebranded as MSI Associates, caters to an array of clientele in the business-to-business security industry. His start-up, Delicate Grounds Coffee, with its Guatemalan and Columbian sourced products, has made its mark in Seattle and Texas. Turner Acquisitions Group, the investment arm of his empire, focuses on land, property rentals, start-ups, and local businesses across the nation.

What sets Jerome’s enterprises apart is their accessibility and inclusivity. As a minority entrepreneur, he believes in the necessity of making his products accessible to every segment of society, a principle that pervades all his brands.

As an entrepreneur with a robust track record, Jerome Turner is also committed to empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs. His advice: “Keep pushing. When you want to say no, trust your gut and make the move.” He understands that the reward often lies beyond the risk and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace this mindset.

Under Jerome’s strategic leadership, his businesses are poised for sustained growth and expansion, targeting more diverse markets in the coming years. His visionary outlook and relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence make Jerome Turner an inspiring figure in the landscape of modern entrepreneurship.

Interested in embarking on your entrepreneurial journey or looking for inspiration? Connect with Jerome Turner on Instagram (@mr._t_10.4) or visit his companies’ websites to discover more about his endeavors and his journey towards becoming a multifaceted entrepreneur.

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