ICYMI, there are now new dictionary words added in the Merriam-Webster that we can use in this metaverse. If you don’t know what metaverse means, we’ll copypasta the definition for you:

Computing: a persistent virtual environment that allows access to and interoperability of multiple individual virtual realities”

Cosmology: the hypothetical combination of all co-existing or sequentially existing universes”

Some words you’re probably using might already be in the dictionary now.

Check out if they made it here on this list.

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year

Drum roll, please! The word of 2022 is “gaslighting”.

If you’ve ever been misled or manipulated to a point where you thought you’re the crazy one, you’ve likely been a victim of gaslighting. Find the detailed definition here.

A Few More Dictionary Words You Can Use

  • Copypasta

Copypasta is now officially in the dictionary. Merriam-Webster defines it as “data (such as a block of text) that has been copied and spread widely online.” You will see a lot of copypasta content on social media— especially in the comments section as well as in online forums.

  • Yeet

If you remember Vine (the beloved site that started short videos), you probably encountered the Yeet video before. However, there are many claims of where the word originated. Nowadays, it’s used as an expression of excitement. As a verb, it means “to throw with force.”

  • Because

If you’re a grammar nerd, you’re probably either going to be pressed or excited to know that “because” isn’t just a conjunction anymore. It’s now also a preposition— because…because grammar evolution.

  • Amirite

Yes, amirite sounds pretty straightforward. Indeed, it’s the shortened version of the three words “am I right” but nowadays it’s used “to represent or imitate the use of this phrase as a tag question in informal speech.” It’s cool that they’re adding new words to the dictionary, amirite?


ICYMI, as you probably guessed, is an abbreviation for “in case you missed it.” This abbreviation is widely used by online publishers who want their readers to be updated with their previous posts.

  • Lewk

Elle fashion features director and author of the book Dress Code Véronique Hyland describes lewk as “To use the term of art, a lewk is a personal style signature so individual it’s almost indivisible from you. It connotes something noticeable: wearing jeans every day isn’t a lewk, but wearing a Schiaparelli lobster hat might be.” If your fashion is unique to you and you own that style, that’s your lewk.

  • Sus

Among Us had us doubting our friends when the game peaked last 2020. Everyone was just so sus and it was nerve-wracking to guess the suspect. Sus means suspicious or suspect.

  • MacGyver

If you watched the 80s-90s TV series MacGyver, then you’ve seen the protagonist Angus MacGyver solve problems with the use of the very limited tools he had. We all wish we had his improvising skills. Hence, when successful at fixing or creating an object, we essentially MacGyvered it.

FWIW (For What It’s Worth)

It’s evident that our internet slangs and online terms are making their way to the dictionary. Languages evolve and new dictionary words are continuously added to our everyday vocabulary.

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