You haven't arrived in Hollywood until you've released a sex tape and/or entered rehab. So far, in Chuy Bravo's case, he does have a porn past (little people have to earn a living, too, and he was probably putting himself through nursing school). And now, Chelsea Handler's sidekick on her talk show Chelsea Lately is adding author to his diminutive resume. The Mexican-born Bravo shares his “crotch-high perspective on life” in Little Nuggets of Wisdom, a compendium of advice on family, fashion, food, money, technology and even movie theater etiquette that you could actually use. So grab a pen and paper, and write these down: “The Internet is good for two things: spell-check and porn. If you're looking for the correct way to spell bukkake, then you've just killed two birds with one load.” True. And “always shave before posing for a family photo. Shave twice if you're of Armenian descent.” Speaking as a descendent, that's especially true.

Wed., April 21, 7 p.m., 2010

LA Weekly