Tyson Reeder’s “Menomonee Valley” at Jack Hanley Gallery

Many galleries are closed this week, but a few are starting the fall season a bit early and others are in the last days of their summer shows. Opening September 1, Tyson Reeder’s new painting exhibition forms a sort of nostalgic history of Wisconsin. The Milwaukee-based painter creates some elements from memory and experience while imagining others. Reeder approaches each painting without a fixed idea, it seems, and lets the media as well as the texture and color reveal the imagery, such as a Native American chief or abstract regional landscapes. Reeder’s process gives way to chance; images emerge as he plays with ink spills, markers and fabric paint, and the end result is somewhat of a happy accident. Also on view is a video collaboration with his brother and fellow artist, Scott Reeder. Don’t miss the opening reception on Sat., Sept. 1, 6-9 p.m.

945 Sun Mun Way, Chinatown | www.jackhanley.com | (213) 626-0403 | Through September 29

Judy Ledgerwood and Pae White at 1301PE

For the past few years, Judy Ledgerwood has been exploring ideas behind color-field painting. In the four small paintings on view at 1301PE, she uses a flower motif, infusing the abstraction with her predilection for the organic through the simple shape of the petals. Pae White shows one of her larger chandelier pieces in the same space, which works well with the paintings. The mobile-like sculpture is fantastically decorative; one can imagine it looks quite beautiful with a slight breeze blowing through the room. White sews together strands of Color-aid paper, Mylar and newspaper print to create its colorful tendrils.

6150 Wilshire Blvd., L.A. | www.1301PE.com | (323) 938-5822 | Through September 1

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