Long Beach’s Violent Vickie describes her style as “synth riot” on social media, presumably a blend of synthpunk/pop and riot grrrl. That makes complete sense; this violent femme has a voice reminiscent of Poly Styrene and Shirley Manson between her moments of crooning and yelling, with a bit of Siouxsie darkness thrown in. The music is all mood — pulsating and dark with sensual melodies buried in the broken glass. She’s a bit of a SoCal hidden treasure, and maybe that’s the way it should be. Her online bio describes her as, “a rebellious pit of energy that has the ability to make you feel dirty and gritty, but in a naughty-feel-good way.” Perfect.

Violent Vickie plays at 8 p.m. on Monday, November 25 at 4th St Vine.


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