“I’ve done a couple things that I know you wouldn’t like/I keep it to myself so I don’t keep you up at night,” Abby Weems confesses amid the surging power chords of “Do It Again,” from Potty Mouth’s recent album, SNAFU. Luckily for the local punk group’s fans, Weems doesn’t keep her feelings to herself on the new record. Her poppy hooks mask the serious messages she’s relaying in such hard but tuneful anthems as “Starry Eyes” and “Smash Hit,” a sarcastic look at the idea of turning creativity into mainstream success. Even with that rueful evisceration of commercial ambition, Potty Mouth continue to grow more popular in large part because Weems, bassist Ally Einbinder and drummer Victoria Mandanas make catchy music that’s loaded with lyrics of idealism and empowerment. With Nomantics and Chase Petra.

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