“Maturity is just a myth,” Hannah Rodgers opines as Pixx on “Andean Condor,” from her new album, Small Mercies. Pixx takes on the role of a soaring bird and tries to find her place in the world even as she archly observes, “Mature males tend to be at the top of the pecking order.” What follows is an unfolding series of varying musical settings. She rages on “Bitch” amid stormy grunge power chords before jetting along with the sleek, supersonic new-wave propulsion of “Disgrace.” “We drive straight through an avalanche,” Pixx confides on the enigmatic track “Peanuts Grow Underground.” Elsewhere, she stirs up more mystery when she reveals, “I feel ugly as a Californian girl who has lost all control … I’m Mary Magdalene, just waiting to be stoned.” Plus, the artful, whimsical pop of Rosie Tucker.

Moroccan Lounge, 901 E. First St., downtown L.A.; Sat., Aug. 10, 8 p.m.; $12. (213) 395-0610, www.themoroccan.com.

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