L.A. resident Mikel Ruffinelli sidesteps through doorways and shimmies into her shower stall.

That's because she has nearly 100-inch-wide hips, perhaps the largest in the world. And she's proud of them, calling her look “unique” and “feminine.”

But her double-wide life isn't without its challenges:

Everywhere she goes, Ruffinelli says, people whip out their cellphones and take pictures of her 8-foot hips.

Even so, it appears Ruffinelli's worldwide behind isn't official: We couldn't find a record listed at Guinness World Records. But maybe they should be.

Ruffinelli says she got it, of course, from her mama — that her shape is genetic. She says her hips exploded with each child she bore. She now has four.

Credit: Mikel Ruffinelli / Facebook

Credit: Mikel Ruffinelli / Facebook

“With every child came more hips,” Ruffinelli says.

“I love being unique.”

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