Look at these skeleton back Chippendale chairs. So great. Spotted over at DesignSponge. They have a little interview with the creators, Wary Meyers.

They got me thinking about skeletons as furniture. There's this “exceedingly rare” 19th century Russian skeleton chair made of lacquered wood and rabbit hair (yes, really) from 1st Dibs. No price given, but if it's on 1st Dibs, it's expensive.

And that chair is not unlike a skeleton chair that sold at auction in the early 1990's at Christie's for $36,300. Here is a replica:

This one is available for $650 from Neiman Marcus of all places. It's made of stainless steel and is a lot less gruesome.

And of course there's always this bone throne from Pirates of the Caribbean. In the story, it's supposed to have been made by cannibals. I enjoy its subtlety. And hey, human bones are quite sturdy, with high compressive strength.

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