Is it just us or did someone unleash Pandora's box o' crazy on the interwebs? Between the “Dude Where's My CNN?” run for Twitter Class President (Seriously guys, that “race” thing was like asking “Who is more popular, Coke or Eggs?”), our ex-boyfriend Anonymous finally joining Twitter (after all they count as a 'weblebrity'), Susan Boyle um, existing, John Stewart asking his viewers to Google “Muppet Scat,” the “hipster grifter,” Michael Jackson's garage sale, Somali Pirate Mania, something called “horse hair extensions” (calling Bret Michaels) and finally, last but not least @oprah finally deigning Twitter with her 140 characters of pure manna from heaven. takes a break from LOLing to designate the week of April 17th “The Most WTF Week in Internet History.”

On a side note, we got to talk to James Cox, the man who built the losing Twitter account in the Kutcher vs. CNNBRK twit-off right after he lost around 11 p.m. PST yesterday. Cox, who was a good sport about the whole thing, brushed off his bloody defeat at the hands of Twittersphere Overlord Kutcher and told us, “It doesn't matter, because everyone [winners and losers] will be giving away money.” You hear that @basementdad?

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