Odd Future host their second annual Carnival this Saturday Saturday, November 9 at the L.A. Coliseum.

Expect two stages, a skate park, food trucks, carnival rides and games, and performances from all of the Odd Future members, along with Schoolboy Q, Flying Lotus, Mac Miller, and Trash Talk. We talked with Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, and Left Brain to talk about their own experiences with carnivals and camps.

How does it feel to have your carnival in the city you grew up, now in its second year?

Hodgy Beats: It's pretty tight that it's at the Coliseum. I always used to drive by there or ride by there on the bus. To have an event there is pretty cool to think about. It hasn't really dawned on me how large we are and how much we affect people…

Domo Genesis: It's low-key sick. I can't lie. I never imagined doing anything on that grand of a scale when I was younger. I always thought about going to carnivals, not being the person who actually put the shit on.

What were some highlights from last year's carnival?

Left Brain; Credit: Timothy Norris

Left Brain; Credit: Timothy Norris

Hodgy Beats: I believe Wayne came out on stage… That was the highlight. I really like Lil Wayne… For that nigga to come out on stage and do a song – I think the shit was tight. Earl was there too. I think that was around when he first came back. That was also a big ass highlight.

Left Brain: My fucking outfit. That shit was awesome. It was all yellow and black. I had the yellow and black Jordans and overalls with a Supreme hat. I had the best outfit at the carnival last year and I'm going to come through with the best one this year.

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Did you attend camp as a kid?

Left Brain: I went to camp with my cousins from Compton, my brother, and my best friend from elementary. That shit was like one of the best summers… I forgot where it was — in the forest, of course. I put bugs in the nigga pillowcase. We did archery. We had the girls versus the boys. We had horses there. They had a dance there. I think that was where I had my first little crush, or my first romantic experience. That shit is awesome.

What's your favorite addition to the carnival this year?

Domo Genesis: The fact that there's a second stage… Kids will be able to hear one stage and then hear somebody else on another stage and then run over to the other side of the park. I think that's the best addition.

Any suggestions to carnival-goers?

Domo Genesis: Stay real hydrated. It's going to be hot. And wear some fucking running shoes. Don't try to be all nice. Girls try to wear heels and shit — that's not going to work.

Do you think there will be a carnival next year? Any plans to take it across the U.S.?

Hodgy Beats: Yup. And it will be bigger… I believe we can do whatever the fuck we want to do as long as we keep progressing as people and artists. Everybody just wants to live to their full potential. Obviously we realize we're not fucking kids anymore. We have to focus and tune in and do something with ourselves. I don't know what the fuck, or where I just went with that, but hey, here we are.

Left Brain: That would be dope to bring that shit over to the East coast, like to Coney Island. That shit would be crazy. People would come out from Jersey, Philly, Virginia, Baltimore. An East coast carnival would be way more turnt up, I think.

How did forming Mellowhigh come about?

Domo Genesis: It was something that came about after we did OF Tape Vol. 2. It wasn't planned or anything. After we did that song we were in the studio a lot more. [We're also the] only ones that smoke. So we would be together in the studio no matter what, even if we weren't recording. I would let them listen to my new shit and I would listen to theirs. Then we ended up recording a bunch of stuff. We showed Tyler and everybody was like, 'You guys should take this seriously.' So we went about it and made the album. We made it really quick, in the span of two months or so.

Domo Genesis; Credit: Timothy Norris

Domo Genesis; Credit: Timothy Norris

Why did you choose Halloween for the Mellowhigh album release date?

Hodgy Beats: Halloween is OF hood day. In the hood, niggas have hood days where they celebrate their hood, basically. So that's what we do. And we normally do it every Halloween… We always just mob out together and do some crazy shit. Halloween has been OF hood day ever since I met all these niggas.

You're also performing Halloween night at Los Globos. Will you be in costume for the show?

Hodgy Beats: We have a pre-party meet and greet before the show – I'm probably going to be the fat nigga that I was in the “Yu” video. For the show, I'm probably going to face paint. I was thinking of some Goth rock star type shit.

Domo Genesis: I'm in the process of looking for the White Power Ranger costume. Hell yeah [I'm going to wear it on stage].

Left Brain: I'm trying to get this Tigger costume — Tigger from Winnie the Pooh…Or I might be Inspector Gadget with the trench coat, the hat, and the magnifying glass. You think that would be tight?

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