L.A. electronic experimentalist Daedelus is not afraid of the fringe. His latest LP, Righteous Fists of Harmony was a concept album that sonically addressed the Boxer Rebellion in 19th-century China. The album was polarizing and challenging for fans of Daedelus' more beat heavy jams, but the complex sound yielded rewards for those willing to take the time.

Such is the case for Daedelus' latest video for “My Stampede” from Righteous Fists. The video, directed by Chris Shen, portrays the emotional challenges of a melancholy 3-D ninja boy. You know, just like that one kid in middle school who ate Taco Bell bean burritos by himself at lunch break. Only this kid has a mask designed by artist Will Flawn.

We all understand the symbolism of the video, (man, we like, all wear masks, man) and the mellow song is more reminiscent of his Alfred “Daedelus” Darlington's friends in Jogger, but it's worth a viewing:

Mr. Darlington is no stranger to the video. Take a look:

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