Meghan's show during fashion week was  my favorite! It was by far the sexiest stuff I saw. The theme was “James Blonde.” Vagenious! While so many designers this year went for the fairytale, damsel in distress, princess waiting for prince charming thing, Meghan went tough girl. 

This gal doesn't take any shit. She might rob you blind while you sleep. She will definitely break your heart. And you like that. The line was sexy, mysterious, and unexpected. Isn't that what you want when you get dress up? I LOVED it. There were de riguer trench coats, silver pistols hanging from necklaces, and handcuffed purses draped around

arms. It was femme fetale through the decades, A 20s flapper number,

60's minis with kimono like sleeves, 70's Charlie's Angel style halters… There were goddess dresses and lots of  leopard and lace. What else would a secret agent wear ? Bond women were hot, but they were tough and dangerous. They don't need your help. They are women who can do it all on their own. Did I mention this was my  favorite show this season? Also Meghan uses older models in her shows which is so goddamn refreshing!  These dresses look great on anyone…Rock on sista for giving the support. Speaking of support…

Holy tits! Tara Reid kept the girls up way past their bedtime.

LA Weekly