meet an artist monday“Afrohungarian transcorporeal artificer” is the curiosity-fanning Instagram bio of new media artist Huntrezz Janos (she/her), and contains within its poetic brevity a universe of helpful evocation. Huntrezz operates at the exuberant and boundary-blurring intersection of technology, gaming, experimentation, community, identity, social justice, literature, generative aesthetics, adornment, mutual care, intentional embodiment, and post-body consciousness. Across video-based and augmented/mixed reality, 3-D printing, performance, robotics, digital assets including but not limited to NFTs, and most importantly all the unexplored places in between, Huntrezz hasn’t met a notion she isn’t up for challenging—including the soon to be obsolete digital/analog binary in both art and society.

artist huntrezz janos

Art by Huntrezz Janos

L.A. WEEKLY: What is your short answer to people who ask what your work is about? 

HUNTREZZ: My hustle revolves around experiments with contemporary technologies. I construct real and virtual objects, avatars, and spaces that aim to facilitate the manifestation of transcorporeal selfhood, as well as radical sustainability and decentralization, dig? 🙂 My gig’s vibe is challenging systemic problems with innovation and creativity.


What would you be doing if you weren’t an artist? 

If I wasn’t an artist, it’d be a major bummer. So I’d probably turn into a hermit, ditching society for the South Pole, chasing ancient Antarctic secrets, ya feel me? Or better yet, uploading my own mind to a supercomputer stasis chamber down there in that vast tundra.

Installation by Huntrezz Janos

Installation by Huntrezz Janos

Why do you live and work in L.A., and not elsewhere? 

L.A. is my birthplace and hood! I feel so integrated into its empowering, supportive community, fam! Plus, right now, I’m deep in the grind, designing and building my live/work spot and architectural project, Extraterracetrill, which is here. When I bounce to far-off places, I be hella longin’ to come back home ’cause this is where my heart is at.


When is/was your current/most recent/next show or project? 

My interactive virtual avatar piece was featured at the Drag/Tech and the Queer Avatar show at Honor Fraser, here in L.A. I got some dope AR and 3D printed works posted up at Postmasters Gallery in Manhattan, and I even dropped an interactive face filter straight out on the streets of London, courtesy of The Photographer’s Gallery. Just recently, I had a sick opportunity to do a live mocap poetry reading with Transfer Gallery, and I had a couple more of my face filters featured in an exhibit at The Modern in Fort Worth. As for what’s poppin’ next, listen up! I got a guest lecture lined up at Caltech on Thursday, June 1, and I’m hyped to be part of a digital art show with Feral File in August!

Art by Huntrezz Janos 2

Art by Huntrezz Janos

What artist living or dead would you most like to show or work with? 

It’s tough to choose… so if I may, I’ll assemble a dream team! Rammellzee, Hajime Sorayama, Moebius—they’d be on it, together we could create mind-blowing robot armor clothing and synthetic biological designs… I’d toss in the radical minds of Ray Kurzweil and Octavia Butler while we’re at it… together we’d dive deep into digital transcendence!


Web places, please.


IG: @huntrezz


Art by Huntrezz Janos 3

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