If you ever wondered why SoCal surfers, skaters and even some body builders (Arnold Schwarzenegger in his early, Venice days) are often reliable weed smokers, this might provide at least a part of the answer.

A new study published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence shows that you don't need wax or purple strains to increase the potency of your marijuana session: Exercise can give your buzz a serious boost:

THC levels increased by 15 percent after tokers did cardiovascular exercise, according to researchers at the University of Sydney.

They examined 14 pot smokers and had them do 35 minutes on a stationary bike, measuring THC levels before and after. The conclusion:

… Exercise enhances plasma THC levels in regular cannabis users.

Yeah, we just un-harshed your mellow. But there's a downside to this magic pill for tokers, according to a summary of the research:

Overall, these results suggest that exercise may elevate blood THC levels by releasing dormant THC from fat stores. These data suggest the interpretation of blood THC levels in roadside and workplace tests might be complicated by recent exercise.

In other words, what gets you extra high could also get you extra busted.

Let's say you smoked days ago but worked out in the morning before being drug tested. That workout could bring the THC out and get you in trouble, researchers suggest.

So remember, exercise can be dangerous. Use caution.

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