For months now there's been talk of chef Marcel Vigneron opening a restaurant called Beefsteak at 7661 Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood. The website for that as-yet-unopened business — touted as a “fast-casual concept” serving “globally inspired plant-based cuisine” — is still up and running, but as of right now it looks as though a different concept will open first. Vigneron announced on Instagram yesterday that he's begun hiring for a new restaurant at that address called Wolf. 

According to a help-wanted ad on Craigslist, Wolf will be “modern Californian, pairing precise technical execution with friendly and comforting hospitality.” There's no word on an opening date, but restaurants rarely hire a full staff long before opening the doors. 

Beefsteak was always a little bit of an odd concept, in no small part because José Andrés has a business with that name already, with a strikingly similar concept. Andrés' Beefsteak is only in D.C. at this point, and is not strictly vegetarian (though it is vegetable-focused), but we hear that his plan is to take Beefsteak national, which would be awkward if he were trying to enter the L.A. market and Vigneron had a business here with the same name. 

Wolf, also, reminds us semantically of another local food operation

Regardless, it looks as though L.A. diners will have access to some form of Vigneron's cooking sometime soon. 

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