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Re-created by Warhol Factory secretary, West Coast editor of Interview and major studio executive Susan Pile

All quotations are from The Andy Warhol Diaries unless otherwise noted.


1. Musso & Frank, 6667 Hollywood Blvd.; October 1963

Poet Jack Larson recalls Andy introducing Cecil Beaton to his “movie stars” Taylor Mead and Naomi Levine. Beaton is mystified, because they certainly don’t look like any movie stars he has ever met.

2. Columbia Studios (now Gower Studios), 1438 N. Gower St.; spring 1969

Producer Gerald Ayres, motivated in part by the studio’s unexpected box-office success with Easy Rider and the resultant craze for offbeat, youth-oriented films, meets with Andy and Paul Morrissey at Columbia Studios to discuss the possibility of turning John Hallowell’s book The Truth Game into an “independent” feature. This is Andy’s first trip to L.A. since being shot by Valerie Solanas in June 1968.

3. Grauman’s Chinese Theater, 6925 Hollywood Blvd., and Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, 7000 Hollywood Blvd.; November 1971

The gala premiere screening of The Last Picture Show is held at Grauman’s; following that, guests walk across the street to the Roosevelt for a party that marks the opening of the debut of Filmex (Los Angeles International Film Exposition). Andy, Paul Morrissey and Candy Darling are guests, as their film, Women in Revolt, is one of the expo’s first midnight presentations.

4. Directors Guild Theater, 7950 Sunset Blvd.; November 1972

Andy and his entourage attend the premiere of Heat. Rona Barrett interviews arrivals, who are a surreal mix of superstars and old movie and TV stars on the client list of the PR firm that handled the opening: Lorne Greene, Jack Nicholson, Ann Miller, Joni Mitchell, Nico, Patricia Medina, columnist Dorothy Manners and Rodney Bingenheimer.

5. Pickwick Books (now a Starbucks and merchant stalls on Hollywood Boulevard); September 1975

Although he is not able to sit in the display window as he wanted, Andy signs copies of his new book, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol From A to B and Back Again, for any and all comers.

6. Universal Amphitheater; September 21, 1978

“I went with Sue Mengers . . . her attitude is so cheap. There was no dinner, so she suggested that we stop at Burger King on the way to Diana Ross. It was so abstract, you talk into a machine. She ordered a double Whopper but then she worried that maybe two separate hamburgers would have been cheaper . . . I got myself really drunk drinking straight Stolichnaya . . . Then Diana Ross came out looking really lovely . . . We were sitting in the seventh row. A plane went over with lights on it that said, ‘Welcome to my show.’”

7. Melrose Ave.; January 5, 1985

Andy shops Melrose.

8. Samuel Goldwyn Studios (now the Lot), 1041 N. Formosa Ave.; January 1985

While on the lot for Love Boat meetings at Aaron Spelling Productions, Andy runs into director Curtis Harrington on the set of Dynasty. They first met 22 years earlier in the days of the Elvis and Liz show at Ferus, when Curtis was making movies for Roger Corman.

9. L.A. Eyeworks,7407 Melrose Ave.; March 30, 1985

Andy is photographed by Greg Gorman for an L.A. Eyeworks ad. (Gorman’s photos from that shoot are in Fahey/Klein’s current “I Shot Andy Warhol” show.) A few days later, Andy goes to L.A. Eyeworks to pick out more glasses.


10. Cinema Theater
(the now-defunct former underground/semiporn/indie house), Western Avenue just north of Sunset on the east side of the street; April 1967

Chelsea Girls’ West Coast premiere is held here; Andy arrives with Susan Bottomly (a.k.a. International Velvet), Ultra Violet, Lester Persky, John Wilcock and Paul Morrissey.


11. Susan Tyrrell House
, 654 S. Rimpau Blvd.; March 26, 1977

“Went to Susan Tyrrell’s party [orchestrated for the premiere of Andy Warhol’s Bad, which screened simultaneously at Filmex in Century City], it was really great. Tatum was there, and her little brother, and Ryan’s brother Kevin O’Neal, and Chu Chu Malave, the boxer, and Tim Curry from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Garfunkel . . . Barry Diller, Buck Henry who really loves Bad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fred Williamson, Ronee Blakley . . . Sally Kirkland . . . Paul Morrissey, Thelma Houston, Ed Begley Jr., Martin Mull . . . 200 people like that . . . Ron Galella was taking pictures.”


12. Power Tools, hosted by DJ Matt Dike, Kathy Jeung, Pam Turbov and Brad Bradson at a factory loft across the street from Multiple Photos, 3521 W. Washington Blvd.; March 30, 1985


“Went to Spago for dinner. Gene Kelly was there with his son [Tim], and his son said he’d see us later at Brad Branson’s party (dinner $300). So after dinner we went to Crenshaw Avenue way in the black area of L.A., where Brad Branson who does photographs for Interview was giving his second weekly party [in his studio] . . . he had all the cute kids there . . . and some people said that Madonna had been there right before we got there. Fred was with Rupert Everett . . . And all these kids were coming over to me, and it was fun.”


13. Ferus Gallery
, 736-A N. La Cienega Blvd.; 1962, 1963, 1966.

July 1962: “Campbell’s Soup Cans” is Andy’s first solo show anywhere. He stays in New York. Gallery owner Irving Blum makes a package deal for all 34 of the soup cans (priced at $100 apiece). In September 1963, Andy drives across country with Gerard Malanga, Taylor Mead and Wynn Chamberlain for his second solo show, “Elvis and Liz.” This show is a bust; canvases do not move at $1,000 per. In May 1966, to coincide with the “Exploding Plastic Inevitable” show, Andy exhibits “Silver Pillows,” a conceptual triumph but a commercial disaster, especially when the Mylar poofs begin sinking to the floor.

14. The Factory (now Moomba), 665 N. Robertson Ave.; February 1966

“. . . Andy Warhol was introduced to Hollywood and the Factory — which he thought ‘groovy’ — by John Hallowell, who is talking his upcoming tome, The Truth Game, with the underground filmmaker, who is seeing some majors before returning to New York . . . Among those who showed to meet Warhol were the Roger Vadims (Jane Fonda), Michael Wellses (Susannah York), Michael Laughlins (Leslie Caron), Jacques Demys (Agnes Varda), Oleg Cassini and Ryan O’Neal.” (From Army Archerd’s column in Daily Variety, February 12, 1969.)

15. Gemini GEL, 8365 Melrose Ave.; February 17, 1977

Andy goes to Gemini GEL to investigate new 10-by-10-foot print possibilities. He is spotted leaving the gallery by Jackson Browne — they haven’t seen each other for 10 years, since Jackson played guitar to back up Nico in the cellar bar at the Dom. Andy accepts the invitation to watch him recording a new album in a studio across the street.

16. Cedars-Sinai, Beverly Boulevard and San Vicente Boulevard; Saturday, February 19, 1977

“Suzie Frankfurt arrived with Marcia Weisman. They had a Rolls-Royce, so we Rollsed over to the hospital . . . lots of people waiting. I sold $1,500 of stuff for a benefit. Marcia was very pushy. If anyone took a picture they had to pay $10. If I signed a can they paid $5. She told them that my prices would go up in the afternoon to $100 a poster, when actually they were going to go down to $6.”


17. Brooke Hayward & Dennis Hopper House
, N. Crescent Heights Blvd. (above Chateau Marmont); September 1963

Brooke Hayward and Dennis Hopper throw Andy a “movie star” party, with Troy Donahue, Sal Mineo, Suzanne Pleshette, Russ Tamblyn, Dean Stockwell and John Saxon showing up.

18. The Trip, 8572 Sunset Blvd.; May 1966

Andy Warhol’s “Exploding Plastic Inevitable” debuts (Roy Lichtenstein does the poster for the original May 3–18 engagement), featuring the Velvet Underground and Nico, whip dancers Gerard Malanga and Mary Woronov, and a light show with blinding strobes atop Warhol films overlaid with multiple slide projections. Cher opines, “It will replace nothing except maybe suicide” (as quoted in Popism: The Warhol ’60s by Andy Warhol & Pat Hackett).

19. Mondrian Hotel, 8440 Sunset Blvd.; January 2–6, 1985

Andy stays here while in town for pre-production meetings about his guest stint on Love Boat, which is produced by Aaron Spelling and Doug Cramer, who buy a lot of Andy’s art.


20. Beverly Hills Hotel
, 9641 Sunset Blvd.; October 1963

Brooke Hopper, wife of Dennis Hopper and daughter of actress Margaret Sullavan and theatrical agent–producer Leland Hayward, lends Andy and gang her father’s suite at the hotel, and they film part of Tarzan and Jane Regained . . . Sort Of in the bathtub. In 1977, when in L.A. for the premiere of Bad, Andy and company, as he notes in his diary, are checked into “the most horrible rooms” at the hotel. And in 1985, he complains to his diary that he “just hated the Beverly Hills Hotel. There were two TVs but no clickers. And the bathroom was worse than a 1950s Holiday Inn.”

21. Dominick Dunne’s apartment, 132 S. Spaulding Drive; October 1972

When Andy is in L.A. for the premiere of Heat, Dominick Dunne throws a party to introduce him and director Paul Morrissey to “young Hollywood.”


22. Mr. Chow’s, 344 N. Cañon Drive, and On the Rox, 9009 Sunset Blvd.; February 17, 1977

To celebrate Andy’s “Indians” show at Ace Gallery, Doug Christmas throws a gala dinner for Andy at Mr. Chow’s, where George Hamilton and Pat Ast sit at a table against the back wall and warble elaborate duets. “Lots of people there. Bianca Jagger, Russell Means [whose portrait is in the show], Polanski, Tony Bill, Allan Carr, Marcia Weisman, Nelson Lyon . . . Geraldine Smith was with Johnny Wyoming. Perry King, Susan Tyrrell . . . The big people, Sue Mengers and Ryan O’Neal, didn’t arrive, they told Bianca that they couldn’t ‘be seen at tacky places like Mr. Chow’s.’ Bianca took us to On the Rox, owned by Lou Adler. When we got there it was Ringo ä Starr and Alice Cooper. I’m not saying that they were the only celebrities there — they were the only people there, and they were in the john. Whoever is there is in the john taking coke.”

23. Marcia & Fred Weisman House (north of Sunset, between Doheny Drive and Benedict Canyon); February 18, 1977

Andy has dinner here: “Ryan O’Neal was there and Sue Mengers. Ryan was leaning against the Morris Louis and put a big dent in it . . . [Sue and Ryan] left early because, I think, they thought ‘nobody’ was there. Hollywood people are rotten.”

24. Beverly Wilshire Hotel, 9500 Wilshire Blvd.; November 4, 1977

After meeting Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Century City, noting in his diary that Kareem “was fun and easy to photograph,” Andy checks into the hotel, which wanted to put him in the old part, but he preferred the new wing, where Barbara Hutton used to pick up gigolos in the Moroccan-style bar.

25. Fiorucci, 206 N. Beverly Drive; September 21, 1978

Andy goes to the big Fiorucci opening (they sent a limo for him) just as police are shutting the party down. He

26. Beverly Hilton, 9876 Wilshire Blvd.; March 31, 1985

“Then it was the night of the big Love Boat Thousandth Guest Star party at the Beverly Hilton . . . Had my picture taken for 15 minutes with Joan Collins, who then never went in to the dinner, I don’t think, because nobody saw her in there. But it was just packed . . . They introduced a lot of stars and then finally out came Lana Turner, the thousandth guest star, who had given them a hard time by being so late, and that’s why dinner was late. And then they brought me up on the stage with Carol Channing and Ginger Rogers and Mary Martin . . .”

27. Nippers in the Rodeo Mall; April 2, 1985

“Went to a big signing of Interviews . . . I sat upstairs and signed and signed. Some people brought old issues for me to sign . . . actually I think they were ruining them to have me sign them. And John Stockwell/Samuels was there looking really good . . . It was just mobbed with people. Lots of young kids, didn’t know many of them. Molly Ringwald came. Lots of champagne . . .


28. Plitt Theaters
, March 1977

Andy Warhol’s Bad is a special midnight event at Filmex. On this trip, reports Andy in his diary, Alana Hamilton takes him to Dani Janssen’s Academy Awards party in her Century City high-rise, where guests include Jack Haley Jr., Dick Sylbert, Valerie Perrine, Burgess Meredith, James Caan, Roman Polanski, Jackie Bisset, Lee Grant, Linda Evans and Michael Douglas with his bride, Diandra — which upsets his ex-girlfriend, Brenda Vaccaro.


29. Bel Air Hotel
, 701 Stone Canyon Road; March 1985

Andy and Fred Hughes stay at the Bel-Air Hotel while in L.A. doing PR for the 200th Love Boat episode, in which Andy makes a cameo appearance.


30. The Carousel on the Santa Monica Pier
; October 1963

Andy and Taylor Mead orchestrate a party here. Taylor knows a lot of people from his stint in the ’50s at the Pasadena Playhouse. Because Taylor is a vegetarian, they serve only cheese. Jack Larson remembers it was the wrap party for Tarzan and Jane Regained . . . Sort Of.

31. Ace Gallery, in Venice

February 1977: “Indians” (or “Indian,” as the only subject is Russell Means) opens. Andy signs anything put in front of him at this point of his career.

September 21, 1978: “Torsos” opens. Andy is there opening night, and is still signing away — if he’s busy, he might be less obliged to speak.


32. Robert’s, Venice; September 24, 1978

“We went to pick up Ursula Andress and when we got to Venice I was dragged through the crowd . . . Three thousand, five hundred people showed up [at Ace Gallery]. Then we got it all coordinated so that I got into my car real quick and was taken to the restaurant, Robert’s, where the party was. It was on the beach. A guy came over and said that he had the biggest cock in L.A., so I offered to sign it and Marisa [Berenson] got so excited that she leaned over to look at the cock and her hair caught fire in the flames of a candle.” From The Andy Warhol Diaries, p. 172

33. Getty Museum, 17985 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu; September 21, 1978

“Went to Getty Museum. It was thrilling. A reproduction of a building they haven’t excavated yet in Italy — they know where it is but there’s another building on top of it. Bought a book on painting ($17).”

34. Malibu; August 16, 1985

Malibu is Andy’s final destination in Los Angeles. He comes out for Madonna and Sean Penn’s wedding, as the date of Martin Burgoyne, an ex-roommate of Madonna’s. (Andy wasn’t really invited.) “It was just the most exciting weekend of my life . . . It was the right mixture of nobodies and celebrities.”


35. Topanga Canyon
; October 1963

On his first trip to L.A., Andy attends the party of his friend, the Green Stamps heir Louis Beech Marvin III, who is in the process of building an enormous round house on his Moonfire Ranch.

36. The Castle, 2630 Glendower Ave., Los Feliz; May 1966

To accommodate a crew of 14 during the expected four-week “Exploding Plastic Inevitable” gig at the Trip, Andy rents the Castle for $500 a month from an eccentric land speculator who liked to reminisce about the afternoons at Googie’s when Jimmy Dean would spoon-feed him ice-cream sundaes. Directly across the street from Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, the Castle was previously rented by Bob Dylan, making it the only de rigueur spot for Nico. Jim Morrison is a frequent visitor.

37. Santa Monica Canyon; April 1967

When the Warhol contingent is in town for the opening of Chelsea Girls, writer Gavin Lambert, who met Andy through Tom Baker, Jim Morrison’s drinking buddy and newfound Warhol superstar (“I, A Man”), throws a raucous party for the Warhol contingent at his home in Santa Monica Canyon. He wants Andy to meet Tiny Tim, and Andy agrees if he can also meet Tuesday Weld.

38. Berry & Tony Perkins House, Seattle Drive, Hollywood Hills; March 28, 1985

Berry Berenson and Tony Perkins throw a party for Andy (they met when Berry did a Q&A with Tony for Interview). Tony cooks a dinner that features meat loaf, polenta and bread pudding.


39. The Pasadena Museum of Art (now the Norton Simon), 411 W. Colorado Blvd.

October 8, 1963: Marcel Duchamp’s show opens, and Andy meets Marcel and his wife, Teeny. Taylor Meade dances (the twist?) with Teeny, and Andy drinks too much pink champagne.

May 12, 1970: Andy’s first American career retrospective opens, curated by John Coplans.


40. A-V-G, 9144 Deering Ave.
; November 1981

Alvaro Villa creates a robot based on Andy. The robot has never been displayed anywhere; it’s been at Villa’s studio ever since, but last week the announcement was made that it had been sold to a private collector.


41. Disneyland
; October 1963

Before leaving L.A. on this, his first trip, Andy makes sure to go to Disneyland.

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