The Bends (Parlophone)

Mannequin Online Has the Bends: Bridget Boltz of L.A. indie pop sleaze duo Mannequin Online told us about her love for a Radiohead classic.



Bridget Boltz: My favorite album of all time is The Bends by Radiohead. All of the tracks are cohesive without sounding the slightest bit repetitive; accompanied by some of the most honest and gut-wrenching lyrics Thom Yorke has ever graced us with. Each song is truly beautiful and worthwhile; dutifully earning their respective places on this album. That said, some standout tracks to me are Black Star and Fake Plastic Trees. The dynamics of these songs in particular bring forth both stunning swells and the gentlest, most evocative melodies.

I’ve been very inspired by Thom Yorke and Radiohead my whole life, but The Bends really inspired me lyrically by blending brutal candor and ambiguity. I always go back to this album, be it for company on a long drive or when I’m seeking motivation.

Mannequin Online Has the Bends: Mannequin Online’s “Joyride” single is out now. The Boom EP is out December 8.








































































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