Make Home Your Oasis with POVISON Furniture

POVISON furniture brand refreshed: renewed VI, commitment, more; and now is hosting an event to help people make their homes their oasis.

POVISON, an emerging furniture brand with great potential, is pleased to announce its brand refresh and exciting new event, “Make Home Your Oasis.” The event aims to inspire customers to transform their living spaces into serene and tranquil retreats, as well as to let more customers get familiar with POVISON’s insistence on environmental protection.

In today’s fast-paced world, finding peace and relaxation within the confines of our homes has become increasingly important. Understanding the need for rejuvenation and comfort, POVISON has curated an exclusive collection of furniture pieces that harmonize style, functionality and sustainability.

During the “Make Home Your Oasis” event, customers will discover an array of carefully selected pieces made of high-quality materials and designed for long-term use. From mid century moder TV stands to stylish coffee tablesand modern dining room sets, which are verified by FSC, each item is thoughtfully crafted for long lifespan and to help individuals unwind and find solace within their homes.

“We want to help people create a home that they love coming home to,” said the spokesman of POVISON. “Through our ‘Your Home Is Your Oasis’ event, we aim to provide our customers with the sustainable furniture matching inspiration they need to curate a calming and restorative living space. We care and work for both customers and environment.”

To enhance the event experience, POVISON will be offering exclusive discounts and promotions on selected FSC-certified sustainable products, allowing customers to transform their homes affordably. What’s more, people might get the sustainable furniture, if he/she follows POVISON social channel to join the giveaway, and share the ideas about furniture & environment. (Search #povisongreen or #yourhomeisuroasis #Povisonyourhome on instagram.)

Whether individuals are seeking a cozy corner for reading, a soothing bedroom retreat, or a harmonious family gathering space, the “Make Home Your Oasis” event promises to guide them on their journey towards finding comfort, peace, timelessness within their own four walls.

Join POVISON at from July 6th to August 2nd and embark on a transformative experience to make your home an oasis of calm.

Note: POVISON will also hold a big sales event – POVISON Day Sales, during July 6th to August 2nd. Don’t miss the greatest discount on July 11 and July 12!

Know more about POVISON brand refresh:

POVISON furniture tried to refresh lots of aspects of the site so as to optimize the user experience and enhance the brand awareness. Check the updated items:


  1. Logo, tagline, brand value updated.
  2. VI, UI, Intellectual Property Cartoons updated.

User Experience:

  1. Introduced Premier Membership Project (only $99/$129 per year for exclusive discount, service and giveaway).
  2. Released a series of FSC verified products for sustainability.
  3. In-site search was optimized for quickly locating the ideal product.
  4. The element of delivery days was upgraded for clear display.
  5. Added Trustpilot rating to the site to let the customers know the most realistic feedback.
  6. Optimized the editing panels to improve the working efficiency of the employee.


POVISON was established in the United States in 2020, with branches in California, Texas, Georgia, New Jersey, and Guangzhou. Meanwhile, POVISON has a huge online selection that puts our collections at your fingertips no matter where you are. Hundreds of millions of exposures have been accumulated on various media platforms, covering consumers from many countries.

The brand is committed to providing high-quality products, unique designs, and timeless styles to half the world’s families. POVISON firmly believes that quality never goes out of style. Furniture should be sustainably sourced, thoughtfully designed, and timeless. Today, we partner with artisans worldwide who share a vision: to create heirloom-quality homeware that brings the aesthetics of life to half the world’s homes.

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