I went to the Academy of Magical Arts Awards banquet last week. It was like a dream. Neil Patrick Harris was there. (Neil, who does your voodoo? It's like you do not age.) Jason Alexander was there. Who knew he did magic? Julie Newmar. Bob Barker. Steve Valentine. Milt Larson. David Krumholtz, who was excellent in Serenity, was miffed that the reporter from the Los Angeles Daily News didn't recognize him (“If you don't know who I am, I'm not gonna tell you.”)

It was like anyone who ever pulled a rabbit out of a hat was in attendance. Towards the end of the night, a magician named Mr. Dead did a hula hoop routine while in the persona of a corpse. Let me tell you, that corpse set the house on fire! Metaphorically speaking.

Sweet Doogie, still cute.

Loni Anderson.

Julie Newmar, a little bit frightening, a lot bit flexible. Wait, heavens to Betsy…is that top see-thru?!

Steve Valentine, so debonair.

Tippi Hedren, sans birds.

The amazing, spectacular, spectacular Mr. Dead, slightly before his hula hoop routine. The dead can dance!

If you don't know him by now…you never will.

Bruce Davison and sons. Remember him from the X-Men? The anti-mutant senator who got irradiated and turned into a puddle? Yup.

Is this little girl not the cutest mini-human you have ever seen? Who are you mystery girl?

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