Maybe you've heard about Machine Gallery? If you live in Los Angeles, if you like strange and strangely beautiful events, if you like being buried alive, if you like secret galleries that you peep into through a hole in the floor, if you like depleted uranium and unicorns and flowers and volcanoes and robots, electrons, poets in the wall, ice cream and chemistry…then by god, go to LACMA this Saturday 11/15 from noon to 10 p.m.

Mark Allen and his Machine Gallery army will be taking over the museum. They will put mariachi bands in the elevators. They will teach you how to crochet a hyperbolic coral reef out of plastic garbage bags. They will have a murder mystery thingie that you have to solve. They will have musical performances inside the Richard Serra sculpture. There will be so much more. If you want to read more about Machine and Mark, here is a link to the epic cover story I wrote on them a while back as their embedded journalist for the better part of a year. I say “epic” because each time I'd think I was done, Mark would keep doing more and more cool stuff that I'd try to work in. Per Mark, the LACMA event is “the biggest thing we've ever done, and dare we say, the raddest.”

See you on Saturday!

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