Remember the MacAquarium? The fish tank you could build out of an old Mac Classic? Well check out this baby. It's an iPad dock made from an old Mac Classic. If you have the Pocket Pond app (which is a nice app, by the way), it's a fair approximation of the Macquarium, only the fish are all cyber-fish, or virtual fish, or e-fish, or however you want to call them.

With fish…

Point of contention: the purpose of the iPad was miniaturization and taking a bulky piece of equipment and making it sleek, flat and portable. Then you go and dock it in the very thing it was seeking not to be? Okay, I see the irony. Though the whole thing is a bit self-defeating, if you think about it. But I try not to think too hard.

Instructions on how to make the iPad dock here. Site's in Japanese. But diagrams are sufficient.

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