music pickWe named Mac Sabbath the best tribute band in L.A. almost 10 years ago in this publication, and thankfully, Grimalice, the Catburglar, Slayer McCheeze and Ron Osbourne are still serving their hungry fans and spreading their greasy, groove-heavy Mc-metal experience all around the world.

The Black Sabbath homage remains true to the nostalgic kiddie meal-era that inspired them in the first place and their output aims to reflect the past as it brings their music –and their message about the evils of fast food– to the present. You still won’t find them on Spotify or any digital platform because, as lead singer Ron says, he “travels back and forth in the time-space continuum in a wormhole” and likes to keep things old school. Their debut album, Drive-thru Metal, only comes in vinyl form and it is cleverly wrapped in a colorful, collectible pop-up book. There’s also a coloring book with flexi disc for their “Paranoid”-inspired single “Pair-a-Buns.’

Still, the band’s vibe feels fresher than any value menu offering. Modern pop culture’s obsession with clowns and the recent birthday and viral milkshake moment of their big, badass purple bass player’s doppelganger aside, Mac’s live show is a spectacle. On stage, the circus-like show brings ferocity and humor to covers of Sabbath’s best-known classics “Flying Pan” (“Iron Man”), “Sweet Leaf” (“Sweet Beef”),  “Children of the Grave” (“Chicken for the Slaves”), and more. Even Ozzy himself called them “funny as f*ck.”

Opening acts on these shows are equally meaty, too: The rAdolescents featuring Rikk Agnew and Casey Royer playing the Adolescents Blue album track by track; THE HAJJ, featuring two bombastic brothers from the island of Cyprus; and the Bad Brains tribute Big Take Over.

Mac Sabbath, The rAdolescents, THE HAJJ and Big Take Over at Transplants Brewery, Palmdale: Friday, September 1 and at the Garden Amphitheater, Orange County: Saturday, September 2.

Read our 2015 interview with Mac Sabbath’s manager, Mike Odd, HERE.





















































































































































































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