My new bf is deathly afraid of sex toys, but I need them to cum. How do I bring that up? 

Start out slowly by using everyday items to enhance your lovemaking, whether it's a scarf to blindfold or restrain your lover with, an ice-cube to rub on the inside his thigh, some whipped cream on the nipples, or a spatula for a little light spanking.

Then explain to him that everything you use for adult play is a sex toy and tell him the benefits include adding variety to a relationship, taking the pressure off performance (for the man), adding an element of fantasy and fun that can result in some great orgasms. 

If he agrees and becomes more comfortable with the idea of sex toys, tell him that you want to introduce him to a sex toy made specifically for couples called the We-Vibe vibrator, which can be worn during lovemaking to stimulate your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, while stimulating his penis all at the same time.

Salvatore Vuono. 

LA Weekly