Lost Boy Entertainment & Oeuvre Media Announce Partnership 

A multi-faceted partnership between two powerhouse digital marketing & media firms, Lost Boy Entertainment and Oeuvre Media, has officially been announced to the public.

The two firms are headed by lifelong friends Christian Anderson (better known under the stage name Trust’N) and Brad Dervishaj (better known under the online alias Nilladriz). The two are both well-known powerhouses in their respective fields. Anderson being a decorated hip hop artist, entrepreneur, and more recently avid investor, while Dervishaj holds his own as a video director in both the music & commercial spaces. The duos’ impressive list of clients includes Fetty Wap, Reggie Mills, Hefna380, Target Inc., and Kool-Aid, among others. The total combined age of the owners adds up to only 43, once again showcasing some younger minds killing it in the entertainment space.

Anderson, the Founder and President of Lost Boy Entertainment, has taken his company to new heights announcing recent partnerships with some eye-catching names, including Target Inc. This partnership announcement comes as no surprise due to the duo’s relationship in the business field.

Lost Boy Entertainment has become a staple company in the public relations and marketing space, reporting over seven figures in annual revenue and boasting a clientele base in the thousands. The firm was Co-Founded by Anderson (Trust’N) and the company’s Vice President Bryce Vander Sanden early last year. The firm has made some impressive progress since its initial date of inception barely more than a year ago.

Joining Lost Boy Entertainment in unity is Oeuvre Media. The digital agency works one-to-one with clients across spaces like music, tech, apparel, and food offering strategic avenues to grow their brand’s online presence. The content-driven agency focuses on producing and distributing commercial content across all online mediums.

The two companies’ services will now go hand in hand. Lost Boy Entertainment will continue to pull weight in the digital marketing space while Oeuvre Media’s digital content expertise will couple their broad range of services. The future looks bright for both companies. While headed by young individuals, both ends of the partnership have put up some impressive numbers and are only looking to expand further.

The newly announced partnership isn’t the only change Lost Boy Entertainment has made in the new year. Originally founded in Madison, Wisconsin, the agency is now partly operating on the ground in Los Angeles, California.

Lost Boy Entertainment also recently announced the creation of a new logistics branch that will be focused on helping their clientele raise capital. Titled Lost Boy Logistics LLC, the new launch will offer various carefully chosen investment opportunities and financial planning services to anyone looking to build passive income streams. While an official launch date has yet to be announced, speculations point to something coming soon.

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