The Chinese food scene in Los Angeles has its own restaurant week and it's starting today until February 15. It's called the Chinese Cuisine Festival and participating restaurants, located mostly in the San Gabriel Valley, will have a secret menu with items that aren't typically offered during regular business hours.

“A lot of these dishes are unique to the event,” Henry Huang, the COO of ICON Union, the organization behind the event says. “For example, at Chengdu Taste, they'll be making a sticky rice duck.” ICON Union is community networking group aimed to bring together immigrant Chinese students. This is their second annual Chinese restaurant week in Los Angeles.  

“We had a really good turnout last year,” Huang says. “All the restaurants were full from start to finish.”
This year, there are 19 participating restaurants. Most of them are in the San Gabriel Valley with the exception of Qin West Cuisine, a Shaanxi noodle specialist located on the Westside and in Chinatown.

The special menus are accessible online and reservations are highly encouraged. “We have four Beijing duck restaurants this year. For those, you most definitely have to call at least an hour ahead,” Huang says. Some restaurant are offering discounts up to 15 percent.

Mung Bean Jelly Noodle with Chili Sauce, Chengdu Taste, Alhambra; Credit: Photo by Jim Thurman

Mung Bean Jelly Noodle with Chili Sauce, Chengdu Taste, Alhambra; Credit: Photo by Jim Thurman

“Just tell your server you're there for the Chinese Cuisine Festival,” Huang says. “Most restaurants will have the posters up.” 

Participating eateries: 

Monterey Park: Duck House (Taiwanese), Three Travellers Bone Hot Pot (Shanghai), Wok BBQ (Dry Pot), Bamboo Creek (Southeast China)

Alhambra: Chengdu Taste (Szechuan), Shi Hai (Cantonese)

San Gabriel: Beijing Tasty House (Beijing), Beijing Restaurant (Beijing), Dong Ting Chun (Hunan), Spicy City (Szechuan), Hunan Spicy Taste (Hunan), Happy Tasty (Wuhan), Hong Yei Restaurant (Peking Duck)

Rosemead: Chengdu Taste (Szechuan)

Arcadia: Duo Pot (Hot Pot, Dry Pot)

Rowland Heights: Zheng’s Fusion (Chengdu High-end Cuisine), Xu-Garden Beer House (Chongqing Hot Pot), Duo Pot (Hot Pot, Dry Pot), Four Seasons Seafood Restaurant (Cantonese), Silk Road Garden (Xinjiang)

Chinatown: Qin West Chinese Cuisine (Shaanxi)

West Los Angeles: Qin West Chinese Cuisine (Shaanxi)

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