Maybe you've seen that episode of Bones where Temperance and Agent Booth investigate a murder at a pony play club. And maybe you wondered, does LA have a version of that? Is there somewhere to go to be amongst other people who love horses and love being horses and love running around in the forest dressed as horses?

Yes, there is a place. Submiss Ann runs the Los Angeles Ponies and Critters Club. It's fairly new. Most importantly, they are friendly to beginners and accept pony players at all levels of innocence and experience.

I had the opportunity to accompany the ponies on one of their bi-annual “fox hunts,” which you can read about in this paper's CandyLand section.

In their own words, “We are an enthusiatic group of individuals dedicated to exploring the realm of pony, puppy, kitten, bunny and all other critter role-play senarios.”

The two “puppies” in the photo above are the sort of folks you'll meet at a hunt. They were very nice. It takes no small amount of stamina to hike up a bunch of hills in leather bondage gear, but they managed.

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