The world is changing, and it can feel like people are dissatisfied all the time. But if you’re unhappy, all is not lost. Join executive coach, life coach, entrepreneur, and master of all feelings Chris Grimm of Aria Consulting and Avvi on this week’s episode of The World According To Craig to learn about how to look at the world positively, how to process all the chaos coming at you, and how to find yourself.

In this episode, Chris joins us to dive into what it really means to be self-aware, and how silence, reflection, and just finding a quiet place are key to discovering how to master everything outside of yourself. Are you ready for what you really want in life? If you are, this episode has your key first steps to realizing your goals.

“When people learn to be silent, you do have to face what’s inside you, which most of us don’t like,” explains Grimm. “And if we’ve been rejecting part of ourselves and not choosing … it’s about just being you.”

Self-awareness and self-reflection are important – you need to know who you are, and what’s important to you. Take time to find the quiet. The world can feel like it’s full of very vocal dissatisfaction, but dissatisfaction can breed solutions if you take quiet moments to strategize. A fulfilling life is all about what you do when you don’t like the world you see, and what actions you take to make positive change.

Change is coming, it’s up to you what change you get.

LA Weekly