(All photos by Shannon Cottrell. Click images for entire slideshow of burlesque beauties and offensive material. Some photos NSFW.)

Last night we stepped underground to discover a guy in a Nazi uniform humping his half-dressed wifey from behind, as a well-dressed crowd watched at El Cid. Was this the right place? Yes indeed, this was the opening to Victory Variety Hour's “The Wrong Show” which took center stage Thursday evening in all of its dirty-mouthed, derelict-filled glory.

The naughtiness was curated by brash comic Gary Shapiro and delightful sexpot Penny Starr, Jr. who dished out off-color jokes, and one emcee even managed to tongue a performer.

The mash-up of comedians, singers and burlesque beauties proved to be the type of folks you'd want to bring home to mama — that is, if you want to never talk to her again. The cast delivered a night that was equally raunchy, bawdy and fun.

Standouts included the curvy Anastasia Von Teaserhausen

who shimmied in a skirt fashioned out of Slim Jims, tossing the beefy

items out to the crowd and eventually stripping down to reveal

faux-swine pasties (yum!). Equally playful was Dizzy Von Damn! who flitted about the stage while toying with a terrorist (played by Red Snapper).

The laughs continued with a zealous performance about the apocalypse by

the witty Ed Pepitone, a charmingly offensive ditty about baby

shredders by Mark Nutter and a feisty dance number from the funky and fabulous Lux La Croix.

Each set remained engaging not only because of the fleshy good times

onstage but because every performers' passion appeared as genuine as

the burlesque beauties' lady lumps.

The evening came to a heart-pounding climax when the star known as Tigger

(a.k.a the Boy-lesque King) went from an Amy Winehouse-esque drunkard

to shimmying burlesque babe to full frontal-nudity. That's right,

Tigger got buck naked on stage. The crowd howled. We blushed not

knowing whether to cover our eyes or clap as Tigger performed nude

acrobatics. In the end, we decided feeling “wrong” is sometimes just

right, and beat our hands in wild applause.

(Stay tuned for boy-lesque classes with Tigger. You'll want to leave your modesty at home.)

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