Our relationship to a city is always determined by the people we meet.
Not just the friends we make, but the woman who bakes our morning
croissant and the nightclub doorkeepers who sneer at our shoes. We
count on spotting the man who walks the paths of Griffith Park every
day, no matter the weather, or the guy on Sunset standing vigil against
the war. We depend on the waitresses who tell us stories of Los Angeles
the way it used to be, the radio voices who root for our teams and the
newspaper bylines we love to hate. We admire our fellow citizens who
fight for a better world, and those creative souls who give us movies
and music and laughter that make the days go faster. Ours is a city
where a high-school dropout can become mayor, where the richer you are
the more decrepit your jeans, and where you will always find a story
worth listening to if you simply bother to ask the elevator man, the
bookseller or even the chief of police. There are many ways to define
our city, but none may be more telling than this collection of wildly
diverse personalities who somehow find a way to get along.

This is our first issue devoted to the people who give Los Angeles its
character. It won’t be our last. There are too many more people we’ve
yet to meet.

—Laurie Ochoa, Editor-in-Chief

Acuña, Rodolfo
Anderson, Tom
Andrews, Mike
Aslan, Reza
Asner, Ed

Babcock, Jay
Babu, Ayuko
Baca, Judy
Baquet, Dean
Ball, Ed
Belford, Courtney
Berry, Iris
Black, Jack
Bolthouse, Brent
Bon, Lauren
Bratton, William J.
Burnett, Charles
Bushnell, Shirley
Butcher, Julie

Canellias, Laura
Cardoso, Diego
Carney-Sicat, Kelly
Chang, Sumi
Clark, Larry
Collins, Clifton Jr.
Conn, Coco
Cottrell, Mickey
Cutforth, Dan

Dancer, Francine
Delgado, Tomas
Dewolfe, Chris
Dinco, Dino

Eger, Denise
Eric, Fred
Estolano, Cecilia
Fairey, Shepard
Fishman, Hal
Ford, Luke
Foster, Sesshu

Garza, Sylvia
Gauthier, Jeff
Gehman, Pleasant
Goin, Suzanne
Goldberg, Gail
Gotti, Bill and Nicky
Gurewitz, Brett

Hathout, Maher
Henriques, Darryl
Hillis, W. Daniel
Holofcener, Nicole
Hutton, Kate

Iverson, Aaron D.

Jacobs, Vic “the Brick”
Jackson, Torrance
Jefferson, Charmaine
Johnson, Jackie
Justice, Dennis

Kalili, Gloria
Kameon, Judy
Kim, Laura
Kramer, Robin

Leonard, Darcey
Linton, Joe
Lipsitz, Jane
Lommel, Cookie
Lopez, Steve

Manspeaker, Bill
Mata, Stephanie
McNally, Diz
Millan, Cesar
Mockingbird, Tequila
Morishita, Tomoko

Nazarin, Sam
Newton, Eric

Papadakis, Petros
Pardo, Ruben
Parisi, Cheryl
Paysinger, Earl
Peterson, John
Perry, Linda
Philbin, John
Pierce, Tony
Potter, Kathy
Presley, Scott

Rivera, Alexis Whittier
Rodriguez, William “Blinky”
Rios, Yolie
Rojas, James
Rosendahl, Bill
Rubin, Rick
Rueva, Reuben

Segal, Fred
Shank, Peggy
Shankman, Solomon
Sharp, Stephen K.
Sherrills, Aqeela
Silverman, Sarah
Simers, T.J.
Sisson, Karen
Somazzi, Rocco
Sterling, Scott

Tomei, Adam

Valdez, Vincent
Villaraigosa, Antonio

Wolff, Lesley

Ybarra, Mario

Yeretzian, Harout

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