Disaster dates, cheaters, sexual dysfunction … we've all been there. Sometimes the only way to deal with a broken heart is to open it up and spill. True Tales of Lust and Love, which started as a one-night show in 2012, is Anna David's mission to find the comedy in romantic triumphs and failures. David (author of Party Girl) started by reading her essays, supported by a team of funny ladies with their own bawdy, shockingly funny stories to tell. After spawning both a podcast series and a book anthology, the popular tour now includes comedians of both genders, such as Dave Anthony, Greg Behrendt and Erica Schickel. These dating veterans might regale you with their sexual fantasies about the Apple Genius Bar, fake engagements, acid-fueled ménages-a-trois or the time they tried to seduce a police officer after being arrested for shoplifting. You know, normal relationship stuff. M Bar, 1253 N. Vine St., Glendale; Thurs., Dec. 19, 8 p.m.; free. truetalesoflustandlove.com.

Thu., Dec. 19, 8 p.m., 2013

LA Weekly